What If Makeup Would Not Exist In This World

Not every girl but most of the girls have made makeup their necessity. Some girls do not go out without wearing makeup.  They do not feel confident enough without wearing makeup. Though everyone is beautiful the way they look but todays mind set has changed. People pay thousands of dollars to make themselves look pretty but what if makeup would not exist?

1: The real face will be a surprise.

Some girls look pretty without makeup too but some do not.  So either it would have been a shock or a real pleasure to see the real face of girls.

without makeup

2: The same look every time.

If makeup did not exist we’d have to see the same look of girls every day. Change is exciting and consistency can be boring. No body minds seeing girls in a different look everytime.

same look without makeup

3: The acne problem.

Some girls are very pretty but the acne and acne scars destroy their face and make them look ugly. But girls can cover these scars and feel confident. So if makeup would not exist I am sure girls would have been very self-conscious.

acne problem

4: Probably would not have mattered enough?

If makeup did not exist, probably it would not have mattered much because how can miss something that does not even exist and you do not even know about it. If it would not exist we would not know what we are missing on.

makup doesnt matter

5: A lot of money will be saved.

Every year women spend millions of dollars on makeup.  If makeup would not exist a lot of money would have been saved. According to a survey an average British woman spends 100000 euros in their lifetime.Do’t you people think that this is some huge amount?

money wasted on makeup

6: The trust issues.

A man in Algeria sued his wife for being ugly after seeing her without makeup. I am sure he is not going to trust women ever again.  So yeah if makeup would not exist that would have been a problem.

makeup break trust

8: The natural makeup.

The history of cosmetics spans at least 6000 years of human history, and almost every society on earth. People have always used the color of some fruits, plants, oils as make-up and skin care products.

Look Beautiful Without Makeup

Modern day cosmetic industry just made things easier. Let’s say make-up would exist, no cosmetic products then women would have taken help from the nature.

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