Who Is Copying Ayyan Ali, Its Meera Drama Queen

As all of you are well aware of Miss Ayyan Ali, a famous model of Pakistan who just had spoiled her fame and image because of being involved in the smuggling issues. After this shameful case Ayyan Ali is still on board without any shame.

Ayyan Ali looks during court sessions

As it can be easily seen that whenever she has attended the court session, she used to come as a bubbly girl with a lot of makeover and fully hair styled and one thing can easily be noticed that she has shown her style by wearing either a cap or a hat inside.

Ayyan ali

And her style was always in news, no one could think like she is going into court session to answer about her misdeeds.

Now there is a another entry who is on the first number of the list that contains the copycats of ayyan, and it is none other than miss meera. How can she leave on the back.

ayyan ali with police

She has attended court on sep 17, 2015. She is there to answer about the dual nikkah case.She wasn’t allowed to leave the court until the submission of rs 50,000.

Meera’s court entry

She was again and again asked by the multiple courts to appear as atiq ul rehman says that she is in her nikah. After so long, she appeared today.Here she can be seen just like she is trying to become a bubbly girl in this age.

meera court entry

Meera made her appearance in the court, and as you people know that she always likes to remain in news. So this is how she made the headlines today as the above 40 woman who still calls herself an 18 years old girl is copying a 22 years old model.

Meera always likes to copy, and the thing that is proving that yes she has copied another court girl is the style plus the makeup she came with.

meera in court

In our country, every person who is arrested for his/her wrong deeds ultimately becomes a hero/heroine of this country as the pictures shown. Their pictures are captured as they have achieved something that no other person can.

Meera’s case

Meera is asked to attend the court because of being a part of dual Nikah case. Media is having the copy of her second Nikah certificate and she continuously denies this fact. Court asked her to appear multiple times but she was stick to her point and today she appeared and session ended with nothing.
They are interested in their photographs to be captured as they are here to attend a fashion show.

meera copying ayyan ali

It was all about the copycat story, stay tuned for more. As more appearances will be made by the woman who wants to be in news.


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