Who Was The First Friend Of Deepika Padukone In Industry, shocking news!

deepika padukone friends

Deepika padukone who has just appeared in “Tamasha”  and ‘bajirao mastani’ is much in talks these days. She has just done “bajirao mastani” where she has played the lead role of ‘mastani’ with ranvir singh and priyanka chopra has also played the second lead role in the movie.

Difficult time of shooting with priyanka.

deepika and prenka friendship

As media always come up with the kind of rumors that bollywood actresses are always fail to accept each other fame and none of them can be a friend of other. The opposite scene was there when a question was asked from deepika about her experience of sharing big screen with another diva priyanka. She answered the question in this way:

“Priyanka is that one star who became my first friend in the industry, she was the first star whom I met and she has always been a great friend for me. She was a huge star when I started my career and she was always there with me in good and bad times.”

Actresses are always considered to be jealous from each other when they shoot up for a song together the case is quite different here.

Shooting of pinga song.

pinga song shooting

There is a song in the movie being released named as pinga in which both the actresses can be seen dancing with each other wearing some special dresses. Deepika was questioned that it must have been difficult to bear each other and you both must got jealous from each other looks during the shoot then she said that:

“We were so comfortable shooting for Pinga song that it troubled a few people because it went against what a lot of people thought it would be. People expected it there would be a lot of tension regarding what she wearing and what I am wearing. It was completely different. Sanjay Leela Bhansali would jokingly say why can’t you fight.”

Deepika also added up things like she and priyanka are like soul sisters for each other. During the shoot there were many occasions when priyanka gave up and deepika motivated her and vice versa. She said that there were also days when they both came up with the same energy. According to her bad and good times were seen together by the two divas and she can’t imagine to work with a better costar than her.

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