Why Girls Are Afraid Of Dark?

Are you still afraid of a dark or creaky stuff which is actually something else but you think it’s something very terrifying? Well the option according to many people is to let the door open and not to sleep alone. You can aware of this fact in this article so have a happy reading!

Most girls go through a phase of their life when they’re afraid of the dark. The sudden sound of the door, thunderstorms or random collision in the night can fill your heart with the terror. Just like the children, adults are also known to suffer from the fear or darkness at night and most of the times, their brains perceive horrible images right after they turned off the lights. If any individual is suffering from this, then he/she will probably become depressed and anxious all the time. These people often refuse to go in the dark or sleep alone.

Do You Still Jump In The Darkness With Fear?

If you are afraid of darkness, then you will afraid of the shadow of everything in front of you or the very minimum voices around you, in this case you prefer to cover your eyes, head, and body so that nothing could harm you. If you have identified this, then don’t worry because you are not alone. According to the survey, 40% of the adults admitted that they get scared in the dark, even when they get up for toilet in the night, they became terrified. A 39 year old lady shares a story about how she was afraid of a dark when she was a girl. According to the Stylist.co.uk, she shared, “I was half asleep, and I thought I saw someone standing at the top of our stairs, just looking at me and my sister. I lay there in the dark, staring and being scared, not wanting to move. After that I slept with a crucifix for about five years and shared a bedroom with my grandmother. I couldn’t sleep alone.” Moreover, she still sleeps with the open door.

Girls Fearful Imaginations In The Dark

In the night, girls afraid of the dark and other clumsy things even with the single calm voice because they imagine something very curious things in their mind which do not actually exists. The fear can be so funny sometimes because it lets the mysterious things happen from which girls can be afraid like with the light of the lamp, the dress hanged outside the cupboard, or with the shadow.


Universal Phobia

It’s a universal phobia that girls afraid of the dark because of dreams which appears in the result of life events and it also involves emotional fear from which girls even other children afraid of the dark. Moreover, the strange voices which come out of our heart and probably the fear of our mind can end into the girls instability.

On the other hand, fear is the good thing which let us to become attentive all the time and as the result we quickly respond to the things which can harm us. So in this case, girls can avoid any unsuitable situation.

Causes Of Fear Or Darkness

Many experts believe that the phobia for fear or darkness generally occurs from any disturbing experience in the past. You might have been left in the dark room by your parents or teachers as a punishment. You have watched such horror movie or TV shows depicting killing, blood, ghosts or other paranormal activities, especially in the absence of light. These are all the reasons why girls or any other person are afraid of the dark and the fear is deeply rooted in their mind and body.

Car accident, domestic violence or other stressful events can also leave any person in the fear. If you have experienced something like that in the past or in your childhood, then the chances are there that these fears will disappear as the individual grows up. However, in some cases, these fears can continue into adulthood as well.

Is It Better To Turn On The Lights?

Unfortunately, people, especially girls cannot avoid the fear and then they can’t sleep well. The researcher said this is not the darkness phobia that doesn’t allow the girls to sleep, but it is the tension that arose in their mind that they can’t sleep well with the lights so they have to switch off the lights.

“If we let things terrify us, life will not be worth living”

So the best thing according to us is to cope up with the darkness instead of turning the lights on. Repeat it daily and you will win one day. Other than this, there is hope, as there are many therapies present that can help you to overcome the fear of darkness. Medicines can also be taken to reduce the fear, so don’t worry and stay positive!

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