Why Millions Of Female Fans Are Unhappy On Selfie Boy Ahmad Shehzad’s Marriage?

This year has been a lucky one for many cricketers as they are getting engaged and married. Just like Dinesh Karthik and Suresh Raina tied the knot at the start of this year and Pakistan’s batsman Ahmed Shehzad followed their footsteps to get married with the beautiful lady. The famous Pakistani Cricketer Ahmad Shehzad has tied a knot with his childhood friend and family fellow named “Sana”.  Mrs. Ahmed Shehzad is a fashion designer by profession and she is the daughter of a famous businessman of Pakistan.

Cricketer Ahmad Shehzad Tied Knot

Ahmad’s family is a very well known family of Lahore and this marriage is done with the complete agreement of his family, it can be said that it’s a kind of arrange marriage. He has opened the new innings of his life and this news was confirmed by none other than Najam Sethi, who took the Twitter to confirm by telling the public the wedding date of Ahmed Shehzad.

Ahmad Shehzad and Afridi

Source: twitter.com

The wedding function was arranged in a private hotel in Lahore, and as the function ends at 10pm in Lahore that’s why all the customs and traditions of a wedding function including Nikkah have taken place in a hurry. Both bride and groom were looking dashing in a traditional dress.

Cricketer Ahmad Shehzad and his selfies craze

As everyone knows that Ahmad Shehzad is found in the news most of the times because of taking a lot of selfies either during a match or after that, most of the selfies are found with his best cricket fellow the superstar of the nation, Shahid Khan Afridi. As he is addicted of doing that, so he was found taking selfies during his wedding function too.

ahmad selfie Sep 19, 2015

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Cricketer Ahmad Shahzad and Afridi

In the wedding function of the star cricketer, many cricketers were invited and one of the famous cricketers was also there and he was none other than his best friend and the heartbeat of the nation Shahid Khan Afridi.

During the function, Ahmad was again found taking selfies with Afridi, definitely selfie is needed.

Afridi welcomed Ahmad

Afridi came up on social media and said that the real test of cricketer started now, performance will really matter in this real life test. He welcomed him in the real test of life with a post on Facebook and Twitter. He wrote, “Selfie boy welcome to real pavilion”.

Cricketer Ahmad Shehzad’s bride

No official pictures have yet been released by any of the family sources.

But a few looks of the new bhabi of the nation are found on social media. Take a look.

Ahmad and Sana on their wedding

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Sana was seen in a red dress, as she is a fashion designer then who can dress up better than her.

In the wedding ceremony, the groom came up wearing a traditional wedding dress a skin shehrvani and the ceremony seemed to be very simple, in which only family members were invited and a cricket community was missing.

Ahmad and Sana wedding

Source: style.pk

Cricketer Ahmad Shehzad’s family happy or not?

Ahmad and Sana’s relationship was not hidden from their families, they and their family members are very happy with this connection between two families. Moreover, the set up of the wedding was done by the parents of Ahmed and everyone believed that it was a good match though.

Ahmed was once a rising star of Pakistani team, but now he came to a stage in his career that he became a motivating example for all the upcoming youngsters.

The wedding ceremony was arranged on Sep 19, 2015 in Lahore. We think that Sana is the luckiest girl in this world to be the wife of the cricketer every girl of Pakistan has wished for. Now Cricketer Ahmad Shehzad  has added himself in the list of the married cricketers like Shoaib Malik, Shahid Khan Afridi, Umar Akmal, Kamran Akmal and many more.

According to the reports, Ahmed Shehzad asked the hotel management to not let the media enter the hotel and close the doors. After seeing the pictures, everyone noticed that he didn’t seem happy throughout his wedding ceremony, not even when he was sitting with his bride on the stage. When the lights of hotel shut down, Ahmed showed everyone his anger and left the hotel with his bride Sana Murad in a bad mood. Next at the reception, Shehzad got angry again because he reached the marriage hall with his teammate Shahid Afridi and the ceremony was a private affair, but despite the strict orders, the media disturbed the ceremony and then, Shahid Afridi came up in anger and blame the hotel authority for all the interruptions and asked the management for the removal of media.

Well, the groom also held a question/answer session with his followers on Twitter and posted that, ‘Allhamdullilah both functions went really well .. Shukar’.

We really wish a happy life for both the beautiful people and congratulate them for their new life ahead!

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