10 Winter Signs Which Says “Sardi aa Nahi Rahi Sardi aa Gae Hai”

December is almost here and Pakistani people are ready to act like they are living in Antarctica so get ready to say Winter is coming! The foggy mornings and nights will definitely blow your mind where you don’t know what to do instead of hiding in a quilt. There are many winter signs in Pakistan, but some are quite clear just like the stalls of dry fruits and the availability of heater.

Have a blast winter because we are sharing with you 10 signs that will show you Desi life in Pakistan so put your body in the sweaters because “Sardi aa Nahi Rahi Sardi aa Gae Hai”.

1. Variety of Dry Fruits

Dry fruit of winter

In winters, you will see every corner of yours with dry fruits and every person will act like a squirrel. Not only that, even the famous MOONGPHALLI WALE UNCLE stalls will give rounds again and again near your home.

2. Geyser + Heater = Perfect Sukoon

in front of heater

If you want to get a perfect day and night, then the ultimate Pursukoon stuffs are geyser and heater which will be our best friends in the toughest time. Using the hot water and then sitting in front of the geyser is just awesome. It’s one of the true winter signs!

3. Ganderiyan – Sort of Ganne

winter stuff

To enjoy the perfect winter, this sort of stuff is compulsory. You can buy them from any stall or can eat them standing on the same stall, its up to you.

4. Pathan Zindabad – The Chane Wale Uncle

pathan work

You are just thinking that why are we talking about pathan in this article, the reason is that they are experts in making our winters more reliable by selling our favorite grams which means BHUNE HUE CHANE.

5. Blanket or Quilt

blankets kambal

To overcome the cold, the best ways in the mind of Pakistani peeps are to hide themselves in a blanket or quilt even we cannot see the person under it because of the covers.

6. The ZAROORI Stuffs

winter signs

One thing we all cannot forget is our important stuffs to wear like sweaters, coats, socks, caps, mufflers and gloves also. We will become the full shop over wearing this all, but one can do nothing except those in the cold winters.

7. Hot Drinks Are Must

hot drinks

Chai, kehwa and coffee are the most important things we use in winters according to our taste, people prefer to take tea in the morning and hot coffee in the night. Everybody will act desperate to get these drinks.

8. Soups


When there is nothing to eat, have some soup to take winters to another level. This will give you warm comfort from which you can easily feel that “Sardi aa Nahi Rahi Sardi aa Gae Hai”.

9. A Warm Hug

warm hug

If anything cannot help you out to decrease your cold, then the best way for this is the warmest Jaadu ki Jhappi.

10. Foggy Atmosphere

cold mosam

The foggy and cold days and nights are signs that winter has come. So everybody just wants to stay at home.

What winter signs are your favorite? Comment below!

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