20 Things That Prove Women Are Very Confusing Creature

Strange behavior, speaking weird and mood swings – men have always been stumped by the way women behave to them like a Confusing Creature. Men want straight forward things rather than the confusing talks all the time. When we talked about the communication, women just cannot be as direct as men because they want some sort of arguments.

Men know how to talk directly and straight to the point, but the women explore their emotions through bizarre clues. So men are you ready to translate what women are trying to say? Here we have 20 things that prove women are very Confusing Creature.

1. Women are indeed very Confusing Creature and from another planet ‘Main hun hi nae is duniya ki’.

Confusing Creature

2. They love to fight and bicker all the time.

women always fight

3. They never do what they say, in short, they say one thing and mean another thing.

women are so cnfusing

4. They love to eat food, but hate to get fat.

women love food

5. They want you to be sensitive, but hate when you become.

sensitive woman

6. They want you to be romantic, but feel embarrassed when you are.

women are confusing

7. Women tell you what to do, but never apply this rule to themselves.

women with double standards

8. They hate your guy friends, but want you to not feel awkward in the presence of their girlfriends.

women stuff

9. They want you to drive, but always interfere when you are driving.

confusing women

10. They hate sports.

women hate sports

11. They want you to earn a lot of money, but they don’t want you to go away from you and stay with them at home.

stuff of women

12. They love to see modeling and dramas, but hate when you watch sports. Why this discrimination?

women hate guys stuff on tv

13. Saying “I am fine” while crying. How?

women calm things

14. These women don’t like your best friend’s company.

hate your guy friends

15. They love your sexy body, but hate when you do too much gym.

women logics

16. They want you to tell the truth, but if you do the same they sulk.

women show anger

17. Their questions can land you into the trouble like when they ask, ‘Am I looking fat’?

crazy women stuff

18. They always argue and want you to make them win.

women want to win always

19. They want you to apologize in every situation first.

women utmost desire

20. In the end, they want you to not change ever!

women ultimate stuff

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