World’s Saddest Cat Luhu Is The Next Thing To Discover On The Internet

Have you ever seen any cat that looked very sad all the time? Meet World’s Saddest Cat Luhu, who go through an entire range of emotions just like any person. His big eyes and the baby face will easily drag you to love him more. He has become the next internet sensation due to his adorable expression and sad looking face. Don’t get panic, because he is living a very wonderful life in Beijing, China, but his expressions might make you question for once.

This precious saddest cat Luhu has an owner, Maggie Liu, who always tries to make him happy by playing different games, but his expressions remain constant.

“Luhu had eye infections when he was two weeks [old],” Luhu’s owner Maggie Liu of Bejing told ABC News. “He got a pretty major operation on his eyes at that time [and] the sequelae is affected by his vision, so Luhu always opens his eyes pretty hard when he needs look at something.”

He was born on 12th August 2012 with the unique look and now he has over 73,000 fans on his Instagram page, named as @lanlan731.

Liu said that it’s very amazing to see Luhu’s celebrity status. “I put my cats pics on Instagram just for fun, actually,” he added. “I never [thought] about Luhu [getting] so popular like this.” Liu has another two cats also, who are very close to their brother Luhu. “They are all very friendly cats,” she said. “[They] never fight each other.” “I did not have any plans [for] my cats so far,” she said. “I wish my cats keep healthy and live with me until they are gone.”

1. So time to see world’s saddest cat Luhu.

world's saddest cat luhu

2. And two other brothers Bahrer and Bardie.

luhu brothers

3. World’s saddest cat Luhu, but most adorable one loves to nap.

luhu saddest cat on internet

4. No one has the guts to say no to that beautiful face.

luhu lives in china

5. And check this too. No words…

luhu face

6. He loves to play.

luhu loves to play

7. OMG! He looks amazing in every avatar.

luhu adorable expressions

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