Marriage or dating is really hard. You have to search that partner, who likes you and understands what you like. To do this is not an easy task, especially in the case of doctors. If you get a proposal from any person, instead of a doctor, go and hold it right there. He will be a simple guy with some magical looks, but not a chashmish one, whose main responsibility is to do operations rather than to give you time. Yes, we are talking about the facts that you should not marry doctor at any cost.

Have you ever dated a doctor? If not yet, then take some precautions before you do that, because it’s going to be so tough. You have to go strong with your partner’s busy routine, if he/she is a doctor, so better to think twice. Here we have legit reasons why you should not marry doctor.

Sorry doctors in advance… Next time!

1. Don’t marry doctor, otherwise on the dinner table, your conversation topic will be all about the operation theater and other hospital stuff. Imagine if she is a gynecologist!

dont marry doctor

2. And your working hours don’t match at all. So no lovey dovey time.

no romance for doctors

3. Your partner will tell you new medical word every day. The most complicated words ever, so be aware!

medical terms

4. Outing is not possible in this case. Still, you want to marry doctor?

busy doctors

5. Don’t expect help from your doctor partner in any household. Yes, you will only listen excuses and excuses.

doctors cant cook

6. You will attend all your parties and family gatherings alone. Forever alone!

alone in party

7. You just hate the antiseptic smell.

antiseptic smell

8. And when your relatives call you, “Doctor ghar pe hain”? Annoying!

call for doctor

9. There is no holiday for your doctor partner. So don’t get excited. No labor day, no eid, no new year.

no holidays

10. Warning signs: Don’t marry doctor. Stay away from them.

no one wants to marry a doctor