Marriage, the new phase in a woman’s life, where every girl feels so many changes in life because she needs to adopt many things in her life ahead. The first thing according to many women is to learn what your mother in law wants. Do you agree? You can see many saasu maa, who are very loving and understanding and treats you like your real mother. The next category is, those mothers in laws, who are very demanding. These ladies can’t be just happy with their bahus, no matter what they do. For this, there are methods you should learn to become a perfect bahu.

The first thing to do after entering your new home with husband is to impress your mother in law. The desi mother in law always expects something from her daughter in law, so here are tips to do so. Make your mother in law happy and the ultimate result will be the happier husband according to the Desi rules. By following these given below methods you should learn to become a perfect bahu. Satisfy you Saasu-Maa and be a favorite bahu!

1. One of the famous methods you should learn to become a perfect bahu is to practice how to make perfect roti. Perfect means GOL.

methods you should learn to become a perfect bahu

2. What about being the master in cooking? Your mother in law will love this.

master of cooking

3. Learn to wake up early because after marriage you should wake up before anyone else wakes up in the house.

wake up early

4. Some mother in laws wants a cup of tea right after waking up so be ready.

cup of tea for mother in law

5. Don’t be rude ever! Because everyone wants the smile on your face all the time.

smile everytime

6. Don’t argue with your mother in law ever.

dont argue with your mother in law

7. Don’t stick to your room. Try to spend time with everyone in your home.

dont stick to your room

8. Your mother in law love gifts so make a hobby to give her a gift every month.

give gifts to your mother in law

9. Save money! Your family will love this.

money saving

10. In short, they want a robot, not a bahu.

happiest mother in law