Men with beards! This statement doesn’t need any more explanation. That rough and no shave look makes every man so attractive and dashing. So this article is especially for all the girls who want a man with strong, bold, confident and adventurous look, yes we are talking about the bearded men. There is something special about a little facial hair or a proper beard.

Before starting this article, I must say sorry, clean-shaven guys, the trend of beard is on the peak. This fashion of beard is appreciated globally because it makes men extremely enticing. So, to admire bearded men more, we have come up with a list of some reasons that prove why women prefer men with beards.

1. Beard gives you a masculine look.

bearded men are more attractive

2. Bearded men tend to be more serious than the clean-shaven. They even look so mature.

mature celebrity

3. Beard keeps the men warm as a sweater for a body. So, it’s a benefit in winters.

sheheryar munawar in beard

4. They are more patient than others because growing a beard involves patience to understand a bigger picture.

pakistani bearded man

5. The beard makes men look strong and gives the men edge to their personality.

strong beard style

6. The men with beards are healthier. The University of Southern Queensland published the results of a 2013 study on men with beards in the Radiation Protection Dosimetry Journal, finding that beards “block 90 to 95 percent of UV rays, slowing the aging process and reducing skin cancer.”

pakistani famous celebrities

7. Bearded men are attractive because they become wiser with the growing beard.

danish taimoor famous actor8. Bearded men are creative and the beard strengthens their personality.

famous pakistani model

9. It’s even fun to run fingers across their beard or to play with. Haha, must try!

men with beard

10. And no woman wants to be with a clean shaven boy! Do you?

woman loves bearded man

So what’s your opinion? Bearded or clean-shaven?