Where many people love to enjoy weekends, there are some, who are opposite. The reason is Sundays are not always good! The Sunday is all about the freaking disease that you don’t want to feel, you actually hate to start this day. Sundays are worse than Mondays, because your whole Sunday is spent in worrying about the upcoming Monday.

Saturday is spent in enjoying and hanging out all the day and night because you know that there is still one holiday left. Sundays are worse than Mondays, which always leave you feeling exhausted and irritating. This day really screws you up, so to prove this, we have reasons that why Sundays are worse than Mondays.

1. On Saturday night, you can’t sleep properly because of the fact that after Sunday, you have to face Monday too.

sundays are worse than mondays

2. And you wake up very early on Sunday morning. This is how Sundays are worse than Mondays!

wake up early

3. Now you have to force your heart and mind to get out of the bed. You wake up at 8am, but can’t leave your bed before 1pm. Sunday really sucks!

cant leave bed

4. You just lay on your bed with your phone, because you have some special relationship with your bed.

use phone after wake up

5. You spent your entire day in thinking about the next morning and to work on Monday.

thinking about monday

6. You have too many things to do on Sunday, but always fails to do so. You always wonder that whether Sunday is a holiday or not.

when you have tasks to do on sunday

7. You count every hour, minute and second, because you don’t want any Monday in your life.

counting time

8. That moment when you glance at the clock and you wonder where did the time go. It’s already 7pm and time passes in a blink of an eye.

monday is here

9. You always got jealous by your friends and families, who have the best time on Sundays. This kills you!

jealous of friends

10. And yes, you remember it is Monday tomorrow!

tomorrow is monday

Sundays are worse than Mondays! It’s true, no doubt.