Do you know what’s better than having the beautiful smile? It’s your dimples, which give you more cuteness and the unwanted attention of everyone. These are great features of your face and they make you much more beautiful than you are supposed to be.

Many people call it the holes in your outer cheeks, but there are real struggles only people with them can understand. These struggles are more wonderful than you can think, because there’s no doubt that many fascinating things come with having these cute dents in your cheeks. Have a look!

1. You always get the ‘Cute’ compliment from people, instead cute has become your nickname.

cute girl

2. Everyone just wants selfies with you in order to make the photos more wonderful.

selfie with dimple guy

3. People often ask you to show your dimples in front of everyone.

girl showing dimples

4. You always get scared when people stare at you. Oh, not at you, actually at your beautiful indentations on your cheeks!

when people stare at you

5. When your friends ask you to let them roll their fingers in your dimples. No personal space though!

people play with your dimples

6. Sometimes, you feel tickling too.

tickling in dimples

7. And it makes your crush lucky when you smile by showing off your deep dimples.

dimpled smile

8. When people get too much excited about them. Omg, look you have dimples!

people excited over your dimples

9. Your family loves to pinch your cheeks. Every time.

people pinching your face

10. Wow! You are just charming.

charming dimpled smile