I guess people with low GPA are the best. Those are the ones that actually enjoy their university life. Here are some points every person with a low CGPA can relate to. At least I can, though my CGPA is not that low, but still. 😀


Passing a tough subject

It is a big deal if they clear a tough subject with 50 marks in the first try.

Passing a tough subject

When the teacher starts a new topic in the last few minutes of the lecture

They wait desperately for the lecture to end and they hate it when the teacher starts a new topic in the last few remaining minutes of the lecture and takes some extra time too.

teacher delaying lecture

Morning classes

They hate waking up early for a class. Even if they do, they sleep throughout the first lecture.

Morning classes Always late for Class

They are always late for class. Mostly they don’t attend the first class and they always have the best excuse for the teacher.

Always late for Class

Own stationery

They never have a pen and a register, pen mostly. They always use some other person’s pen. Also they never return it.

200 (2)


They never do their assignment and beg other people for their assignment a few hours before the deadline.

200 (4)


Quizzes and tests

They never prepare for tests and always cheat in the tests. And when they pass the test, they are certainly the happiest people on earth for that time.

cheating in test


They do not study throughout the semester, instead they always study on exam night and check the syllabus a day before the exam.

last night studay

New semester resolution

For every semester, they decide that they would study, study throughout the semester. But of course they don’t and regret of the exam night. Basically a fake breaking news.


Disturb the class

These are the class jokers. They make everybody laugh. They argue with teachers. They throw stuff at their friends during class. They throw paper planes in class which mostly ends up hitting the teacher.

student disturbing the class