I am sure you have heard almost all of these words no matter from which part of the country you belong to. And we desi people are proud of the way we are.

1: Kamla hein ya jan ke karda hein.

This is the word mostly used by the people of Punjab, Pakistan .This phrase is commonly used when someone wants to say “Why the hell you are not understanding”.

Kamla hein ya jan ke karda hein

2. dassan tennu.

“dassan tennu” is the ultimate threat.

dassan tenu

3: War panday wich.

This is our way of saying “go to hell”. Even though its literal meaning is not even close to the way we take it.

warr pandy which


4: Sanu ki.

The problem to every solution is “sanu ki”. When desi people see they are loosing argument the usually say “Sanu Ki”

sanu ki


5: Warr gaye bhai.

This phrase is usually used by desi boys when their friend make a blunder or don’t get their point.

warr gaye bhai


6: Hath suth fer.

That is our version of a low-five. Every time you make a point, or a joke your eyes will look for a friend for a low five.

Low Five


7: Chapair lawaan.

The best desi way to reply to something you don’t like is “chapair” meaning slap. You don’t even have to slap, the word is enough.

Chapair lawan

8: Laa lo chittar tey paa lo lamyan.

This is another funny Punjabi phrase often used by the Lahoris.

la lo chitter


9:Lakh di lanat.

We desi people love sending lanats to others and “lakh lanatein” for those who deserve much more than one lanat.

lakh di lanat


10:Chetti Kar.

“Chetti kr” is again a beautiful Punjabi word which means to be hurry up. This word is typically used by Punjabi boys.

cheti kar

11: Mitti pao.

If you want to finish an argument or ask to forget something you say “mitti pao”.

mitti pao

12. shugal and tafreeh:

Lahoris use the word “Shugal” for fun, Karachi people use the word “tafreeh” instead of shugal.