When you started your job, you used to love it. Yes, you enjoyed your job, but now you feel restless. You can’t perform in your office properly as you are among those who hate their job. You work every day only to survive and you hate your job more than anything else in your life. So you aren’t alone as there are millions of people around you who desperately hate their job. Keep reading to know about 11 things only people who hate their job will understand.

RIP you and your job!

1. The sound of alarm in the morning is the most awful thing you could ever go through.

people who hate their job

2. You remain unhappy inside and outside your office.

unhappy in office

3. If you recently joined your office, it’s impossible for you to stay awake in meetings. The struggle is real!

sleeping during office meeting

4. You always wait for weekend as office days make you unhappy. Like always!

waiting for weekend

5. You are among people who hate their job so sad, angry songs are your most favorite in the office.

everybody hates office life

6. You always look forward to grizzly cold days, which will help you to stay at home.

rest at home

7. Every single task in the office feels like drudgery.

working in office

8. Being an office person, your personality slowly starts fading and you are now a depressed and lonely creature.

depressed office girl

9. Not a single thing can bring smile to your face. So don’t you dare to crack any joke in front of people who hate their job.

people in office

10. Starting every new day with the decision, “I am going to resign.”

resign from office

11. Your f***king situations at work make you shout at everyone you know. Your parents, friends and your partner too!

when you are exhausted with office

Are you making plans to get retirement?