Marriage is the most important part of life. People get into a relationship and the people who are single also want to be in a relationship and later get married. There are some differences in being single or married that can be described in a comic way.  There are a lot of changes that take place after a person get married. Some of the comical differences and Hilarious Things will be told below:

1. Marriage makes your body good – Hilarious Things

Before marriage, either you are a girl or boy, you are so thin. Everyone identifies that you are single. While in a relationship, you get a little better by having some satisfaction. After getting married, the difference in your body can easily be identified as you become fat.

2. Girls gain weight after marriage

While being single, a girl is very smart but after marriage she become fat and the husband can’t say that this is the same girl he has selected as his life partner.

3. Boys become patient/thin

After marriage boys lose their weight. They realize it later how stressful it can be for them to get married.

4. Never ending drama serials of wife

After getting married, all wives watch the plays on television 24/7. This is the most difficult time for the husband who wants to watch cricket match or English movies.

5. Husband dies to watch cricket match

As the control of the home is in the hands of wives, same is the case of television. Wife watches the channels she wants, forgetting the choice of her husband. :p

6. The king of the house becomes the Mouse of the house

The man who once was the king of his house, becomes the mouse of his house after marriage as he has to accept the orders of his wife.

7. It is always known that who is right

While being single, there is no tension of being right or wrong. After getting married, it is necessary to call your wife in every matter of the life to keep the things fine.

8. Even the king of the jungle is coward in front of his wife

Even if we talk about the jungle, then the lion is also the servant of his wife. These are the after effects of marriage in the human life too. :p

9. Your salary gets $2000 to $0

No matter how much you have earned being a single, after getting married you have to give all your salary to your wife and you remain with $0 in your hands.

10. Bills bills and just bills

Life only moves around paying bills after getting married. The bills of wife’s salon makeup, her shopping, and it is a never ending shopping. Wife can never be satisfied with how much you make her buy. She wants just more and more. This is where you realize it is better to remain single.

11. Wife converts from a perfect model to a healthy one

One of the famous hilarious things is when you get married, then you can clearly see the difference between your wife and the girl you have chosen to marry with. That girl has been smart just like a super model, but this wife is quite healthy.

12. You can never reach anywhere on time, your wife takes a long time in getting ready

After marriage it is not only you who is going out but your wife also has to go with you. The time she takes in getting ready never comes to its end and you get mad while passing this time and miss your single days.

13. The girl you saw in high heels, you see in chappals as wife

The girl who once was your girl friend used to be ready for you wearing high heels. But story is different now as you see her doing all the home tasks wearing chappals.

Have you experienced any more hilarious things like mentioned above? Share with us 😀