Every new year, we used to make stupid resolutions, even the fake one, that we don’t want to complete either. These includes, a long trip, a tight gym schedule, full fledged dieting, cooking and many more. We have never owned up to them even when the last day of December arrives. So, there are some of the awesome things you can do before writing down the list of your new year resolutions. Have a look at these 15 things.

1. Refresh your account and delete your unnecessary emails and messages.

delete your emails

2. Refuse and delete all the tacky friend requests on Facebook.

delete tacky friend requests

3. Talk to your loved ones to whom you have not talked for many hours.

Talk to loved ones

4. Say sorry to someone who is not happy with you.

apologize for your mistakes

5. Forget the diet for a while and eat all the sweet dishes as much as you can.

Forget the diet

6. Praise yourself in front of the mirror.

Praise yourself

7. Be cool by ignoring the silver and gray hair on your head.

forget hair colors

8. Start a fresh blog that can please you.

Start a fresh blog

9. Write a thank you note to yourself, it’s the best way to reward you.

 reward yourself

10. Go and get a full health checkup before starting your new year resolutions.

get full health checkup

11. Hear the sweet song that can refresh your mood.

Hear the sweet song

12. Try the make up tricks to learn something new.

Try the make up tricks

13. Go for stock collection of important things you need in your daily routine.

Go for stock collection

14. Throw out all the old papers from your house.

Throw out the old papers

15. Put 10/- in a money box or a jar for every resolution you complete and give that money to any needy.

new year resolutions

What else you want except these cool list before thinking about the ‘NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS’?