Finding the right gift for your BFF on her birthday is tough. When she already seems to have everything, you’ll need to get creative with what to get her. Fortunately, we’ve done some of the legwork for you and come up with a shortlist of suggestions.

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Bath Oil Set

Getting a relaxing soak, often with a convenient glass of red on the side, is an excellent way to unwind. It’s always great to luxuriate a little in the bath as it’s an oasis from the world outside where everything stops and it’s peaceful. To reach this state of bliss, your best friend may enjoy a bath oil gift set to give her something to drop into the waters.

These bath oils from Lush are suitable for Vegetarians and are creative too. Their bath oil products come with fun names like the Mmelting Marshmallow Moment and the Cloak of Invisibility (no special powers are claimed). Most of their products are solid tablets made from essential oils that melt nicely into hot bath waters, so your friend can just drift away…

Candle of the Month Subscription

Most women love candles. However, it can be a struggle to find candles that are artfully designed or inspiring to use on a regular basis.

Instead of getting her a single gift, a candle subscription box is an interesting twist on the traditional gift. It provides a limited edition, 8-ounce candle shipped in an attractive box that’s delivered in the mail each month.

There are one-off candle gifts, plus candle subscriptions for 3, 6 or twelve months. It’s completely up to you how many times she’ll receive a new colorful scented candle in the mail.

Specialty Coffee

For the coffee lover, sometimes the range of coffees available in Starbucks or a supermarket just won’t cut it. Or, they just like to try out different, richer coffee blends as part of exploring the world from the comfort of their armchair!

Here, you have a couple of good choices. The first is to arrange a birthday outing to visit a specialty café that prides itself on its embrace of the coffee culture. There she’ll find some unusual coffees to choose from and sip while chatting and people watching. The Perfect Daily Grind has some excellent recommendations for cafes in NYC worth a look.

However, if she would be interested in one or more specialty coffee-related products as a birthday gift, then the Specialty Coffee Association is a great place to start. They even have a shop of coffee-related books or merchandise if she’s a real coffee-a-holic.


It’s hard to go wrong with a decent bottle of wine. If you’ve gone out with your girlfriend in the town a few times or seen her entertain at home, then you should have a pretty good idea of what she enjoys drinking. It’s also something that perhaps you can use to celebrate her birthday together. Hopefully, you’ve found one or more gift ideas here that will suit your BFF. Or, at least, gotten a little inspiration to spark other ideas to add to these ones.