There are various things in our life which we make essential for ourselves though they are not important as such. We can survive without them but we make them so important that we feel alone to live without them. Some of the things are

1: Phone Addiction.

In today’s life, especially the young generation is much busy to live with the cellular phones they have.  They feel so incomplete if they don’t find their phone with them where ever they are either home or outdoors.


This generation has made phone as much important as it is something like water or air, which no one can live without.

What do you think can you really live without your phone in your hands all the time?

2: Internet.

The most essential thing being made by the young people is the availability of internet. They always want to live with WIFI connection, and whenever there is any disconnection of internet takes place at their home, they just start throwing things in temper.


What about you, can you really live without internet?


Where ever you are, either you become so busy in life, business, job or whatever sort of work. When there comes a talk about family then none of us can live without the people whom we have lived with since our childhood.



When we leave our place for getting some work then the absence of our parents makes us cry. And the worst feeling is when we don’t get the food made by our mom. That taste is not found at any restaurant of the world either it’s a five star hotel.

If someone really feels incomplete then one thing is sure that he/she is really missing his family members especially the parents and the siblings, because our childhood joy is impossible without out siblings. So it’s always important to take care of your family members as much as you can.


If we talk about the life that we live being out of our place, for studies or for fun purpose, then that life can’t be imagined without “friends”


Friends are those who know our secrets, who are there with us in our good and bad times and their support always act as a pillar for us.

Nobody can become happy if he doesn’t have a large group of friends.

Atleast I m not happy when I m alone, and definitely none of you can be, Because friends are enough for us in our difficult times.

Friends are those who know how to make your special days more special. And your birthday becomes the best day of your life by the arrangement being made by your fellows.

Friends are essential for your life. This reality is admitted whenever you don’t have friends


These 4 things are really essential in any human’s life and hope you all will not be deprived from any of them.