Hire a moving Services

Whether you’re planning to move a short distance within the same city or a long-distance move to another state, you’ll still have to do many of the same things. From packing everything to arranging your change of address, you can become overwhelmed with these tasks. This short guide can offer a few ways to help you reduce the stress of moving.

Reduce What You’ll Pack

Before you pack your belongings or hire a moving service company to help you move, the first thing you should do is reduce what you’ll be taking with you. If you have older furniture falling apart, think about whether you want to take it with you. You should also follow the $20 rule, which involves throwing away anything you can replace for $20 or less. Anything else can either be thrown in the trash or sold to help you raise money for the move.

Don’t Buy Boxes

If you’re like most people, you’ll be moving on a shoestring budget, and the idea of spending money on moving supplies is one more headache. You can save money on boxes while you will have to spring for plastic wrap, bubble wrap, and tape. If you have saved the boxes that came with toys, electronic equipment, and home furnishings, you can reuse them for your move. You can also visit grocery and department stores on receiving days to pick up discarded boxes. If you start collecting boxes several months ahead of your move, you should be able to get enough to fill your needs.

Hire a Packing Service

As you begin comparing the qualifications, services, and costs of professional movers in your area, you should also consider hiring a company that provides packing services. Letting your movers pack for you will save you a great deal of time while ensuring everything gets packed correctly and safely. If you’re concerned about valuables or fragile items, you can take pictures of the things before they get packed. However, professional movers have the skills and experience to pack everything from antique furniture to complex electronic devices.

Fill a Cooler with Snacks and Water

Even with professional movers there to help you, moving is a long and tedious process. Keeping a cooler filled with healthy snacks and plenty of water will help your family and the movers stay hydrated and nourished. After the moving truck gets loaded, you can put the cooler in your car for the move. This will prevent you from having to stop for lunch.

Pack Travel Bags

There may be multiple reasons that you can’t get into your packed boxes right away after arriving at your new home. Each family member should pack a bag to keep with them. It should contain at least one change of clothes, pajamas, personal hygiene items, phone chargers, and other essentials. Your bag should also include any necessary paperwork you may need, such as lease agreements, your contract with the moving company, and pet vaccination records. If things don’t go as planned, these bags will make things a little easier.

You may find other shortcuts to make your move easier by discussing your plans with a professional moving service. A team that regularly helps families relocate to their new homes will have the experience to help you make your move less stressful. When your goal is to get into your home as quickly as possible, trusting professionals may be the best option.