Today I have a list of 50 Amazing Dreams that every person wants to fulfill before dying, whether it is related to buy an expensive car, a world tour or write a book. These dreams are worth fulfilling for that I came up with, so join us and add your dream in the comment section.

This is not the complete list of dreams which I want because it’s just a start and I have hundreds of things to do in my life. With the passage of time, your wishes will definitely going to increase once you see this wonderful list just like me. Anyway, here goes!

1. Amazing Dreams – Visit the seven wonders of the world.

Amazing Dreams

2. Publish a novel.

publish a novel

3. Fly first class.

fly first class

4. Camp and hike in New England peak foliage.

dreams to follow

5. Visit Santorini, Greece.

Santorini greece

6. Eat at a few more of the world’s top restaurants.

every person dream

7. Add a lock to the Love Lock Bridge in Paris.

love lock bridge

8. Before I die, I want to ride in a hot air balloon.

hot air balloon ride

9.  Must go to Times Square.

visit a times square

10. Buy a marvelous suite.

suite to buy

11. Visit an art museum monthly.

50 dreams of life

12. Get massage weekly.

wonderful dreams

13. Soak in the Hot Springs in Iceland.

visit a iceland

14. Visit the hidden beach at Marieta Islands.

hidden beach

15. Slow dance in the rain.

dreams to fulfill

16. Throw a drink on someone’s face.

funny dream to fulfill

17. Go to Switzerland on a honeymoon.

beautiful dream of switzerland

18. Take a yoga class.

yoga dream

19. Walk on the great wall of China.

great wall of china

20. Jump off a waterfall.

amazing waterfall

21. Take my parents on the long vacations with my own money.

vacations with parents

22. Take more family photos every month.

family photos

23. Earn enough to support my family, well, on my own.

support family

24. Occasionally do something crazy like go to London or Paris for the weekend with my friends.


25. Go to Russia.

visit russia

26. Ride a water taxi in Venice.

water taxi in venice

27. Take a photo by standing under the great HOLLYWOOD sign.

hollywood sign

28. Make and decorate a giant dollhouse, no matters how old I am. It is just a great fun.

doll house

29. To visit the Honk Kong Disneyland.

honk kong disneyland

30. Go on a Safari.

safari ride

31. To sleep in a five star hotel – one of the biggest dreams.

deluxe room

32. Learn how to surf.

surfing dream

33. See Antarctica very concisely.

antarctica visit

34. Niagara Falls is also in my list.

niagara falls

35. Probably will go to skydive with my partner.

amazing dreams in life

36. To ride a Segway is just awesome.

segway ride

37. Go on dinner dates twice a month with my husband.

dinner dates

38. Los Angeles will be also the main priority.

losangeles trip

39. Enjoy the snowy weather in Canada.

snowy canada

40. To learn how to play a guitar.

learn to play guitar

41. Learn to take better selfies.

learn to take selfies

42. Take a ride in the London Eye.

london eye

43. Spent memorable time in Amsterdam.

dream to visit amsterdam

44. Ride horses on the beach.

horse ride on beach

45. Ride in a private luxurious jet.

luxurious jet

46. Take a picture by laying in the middle of the road at night.

middle of the road

47. A perfect ride in a helicopter.

helicopter ride

48. See my favorite celebrity live.

favorite celebrity

49. Buy more fresh flowers for my home.

fresh flowers


50. To live in the dream house with my husband and kids.

dream house

So what is the list of your Amazing Dreams?