To reduce the risk of cancer, you can take help from your kitchen, which holds many amazing Cancer Fighting Super Foods. “All the studies on cancer and nutrition point to eating plant-based foods for their phytonutrients and other special compounds,” says Richard Béliveau, PhD, chair in the prevention and treatment of cancer at the University of Québec at Montreal and author of Foods to Fight Cancer. A perfect anti-cancer diet can reduce the risk of cancer as the American Cancer Society recommends that by eating five serving of fruits and veggies per day and the right amount of food can keep you healthy. These foods will be also very useful to protect you from the terrible disease cancer.

Every one should learn what are the new risks and factors that can cause cancer, so we need to avoid this by adding right foods in our grocery. Watch your portion and eat foods that are rich in fiber like veggies and fruits, including juices. Broccoli, cauliflower, beans, cabbage, kale and other dark green veggies are all cancer fighting substances. Fruits like oranges, apricots and avocados can protect you from cancer. We have listed down 6 cancer fighting super foods so feel good!

1. Broccoli

It is one of the green veggies that contain cancer fighting properties. It boosts the protective enzymes in the body and flush out cancer causing chemicals. The broccoli can fight against breast, liver, lung, skin, stomach, prostate and bladder cancers. The further research suggests that the more broccoli, the more you will live better. You can enjoy this veggie in the form of salads, omelets or on the top layer of pizza.

broccoli fight against cancer

2. Cancer Fighting Super Foods – Tomatoes

The tomatoes not only help to fight against cancer, but also very good for all the heart diseases. Tomatoes are the best source of vitamin A, C and E so add this powerful super food to your daily diet. You can enjoy them on the cheese pizza or can make salads. If you are making salad, then must add cherries as they are also very helpful in reducing cancer causing cells.

amazing cancer fighting super foods

3. Cabbage and Carrots

Cabbage is a vegetable which reduces the risk of colon and rectal cancer. The cabbage is also very rich in fiber and also has the efficiency to provide almost 50 percent of daily dose of vitamin C. On the other hand, the carrots are very powerful in providing many nutrients and rich benefits. By eating carrots daily, you can reduce the risk of cancer so combine carrot and cabbage and make some delicious meal.

eat carrots and cabbage to prevent cancer

4. Blueberries and Strawberries

Both the fruits have the capability to provide vitamin C and fiber. They not only taste good, but can incorporate in every meal to provide you the amazing taste. You can add them in your yogurt, ice cream, salad or can make some healthy smoothies. The wonderful fact is that they both fight against cancer so eat them and live healthy!

strawberries and blueberries fight against cancer

5. Whole Grains

By eating the Cancer Fighting Super Foods like whole grains, you can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer and according to the American Institute for Cancer Research, the whole grains contain many components that might lower the risk of cancer, that also includes fiber and antioxidants. You can enjoy the whole grains in the form of oatmeal, whole-wheat bread, brown rice, barley and pasta.

whole grains to prevent cancer

6. Red Grapes

The skin of d grapes is a very good and rich source of an antioxidant known as resveratrol. According to the research, resveratrol that is present in red grapes helps to stop the cancer spread. If you cannot eat the red grapes, then the solution is to add red grapes juice in your daily routine and live freely!

eat red grapes to prevent cancer