As you people know that in other industries like Hollywood the concept of plastic surgery is very common. The celebrities of that industry used to experience these surgeries almost every second. This concept is becoming more popular in Pakistan and India too. Now the actors and actresses of our country also experience these surgeries to improve their looks. Some had tried to improve their nose, whereas some had worked on their lips. This article will make you know that which celebrity did what?

1.Iffat Umar.

The famous model of Pakistan who is not only a model , actor and a popular host too is the part of those celebrities who had experienced plastic surgery. This actress has done the surgery of lip segmentation and lip implants. She was seen as a contestant in the first cooking show of Pakistan on See Tv named as “Mehmaan nawaz”.

iffat umer
Iffat umer

2. Hadiqa Kiani.

Apart from the actors of the industry, one of the most famous singers of this country had also gone through the surgery. She is a very popular singer of the country who gave a lot of super hit songs in the music industry. This singer had gone through the surgery of nose to better her looks. She became popular because of her singing and got more fame by singing the title song of ‘Udaari’.

hadiqa kyani
hadiqa kyani

3. Nadia Hussain.

One of the most famous model of the modeling industry and the mother of four children nadia hussain is not only famous for being a show stopper of every fashion show but she is also in talks for her surgery. She did the plastic surgery of nose, face lift and check implants. She is one of the top models of the country and she has four children. None of the fashion show takes place without her on the ramp.

nadia hussain biography

4. Noor Bukhari.

The former film actress of the lolly wood who started hosting a morning show later has also gone through some sort of surgery. This actress is making a comeback in the industry again and I would like to mention that she has gone through the nose surgery to beautify her looks. She has married for the fourth time with the young boy from ragha boys band and the son of Hamid Ali Khan.

Noor Bukhari

5. Sadia imam.

Sadia imam was one of the most famous drama actresses in the late 90’s and she left the industry after her marriage after 2007. But despite of taking leave from the industry she still did a nose job to beautify her looks. She is currently seen in morning shows and has presented Ramadan Transmission on Samaa tv.

sadia imam

6. Vaneeza Ahmed.

Vaneeza Ahmed is one of the most famous Pakistani models. I will like to mention that she has also gone through the nose job. She might have done this to look younger as she is quite aged.

It was the list of those few Pakistani celebrities who had experienced plastic surgeries to change their looks. They did this to enhance their time in their career and some of them got successful in it but it was a huge failure for few of them.