The country with the rich resources along with the breathtaking sites is none other than Pakistan. If you are living here, then no need to visit foreign just for the sake of tourism, because Pakistan has the all the beautiful places just like other countries. The most important thing is the honeymoon. As soon as the couple decides their marriage date, the next important step for them is to decide where to go for honeymoon. What about the Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations in Pakistan?

Seriously, it’s not necessary to always find the honeymoon destination outside the country, when you can find the reasonable and beautiful honeymoon destinations in Pakistan. You can see the hundreds of amazing places here like Kaghan, Swat, Naran, Murree, Shogran, Gilgit and many more.

These places are quite affordable as well, so if you have not decided your honeymoon yet, don’t worry! Here we are going to share with you the best and beautiful honeymoon destinations in Pakistan.

1. Naran, Kaghan Valley

On the top, no doubt there is Naran and Kaghan valley, famous for the beautiful honeymoon destinations in Pakistan. The icy lakes, amazing mountains, green, lush gardens, exotic waterfalls and many more magnificent places are there.

beautiful honeymoon destinations in pakistan

You can go yourself or by the travel companies so don’t wait and pack your bags.

naran kaghan valley

2. Skardu

Skardu is located on the bank of the Indus River, known as one of the magical and beautiful honeymoon destinations for the newlyweds. You can’t just forget this place once you visit there because of lovely waterfalls and crystal clear lakes.

skardu beautiful place

Visit Skardu and make your honeymoon even more special!

skardu for honeymon

3. Murree and Galiyat

By crossing the Islamabad, you can visit Murree and Galiyat. These places are famous for the hills and other amazing views. If you really want to spend some quality time on your honeymoon, then there are some great hotels to stay in.

murree for honeymoon

So Murree and Galiyat should be your next destination!

murree pakistan

4. Neelum Valley

The magical place Neelum Valley in Azad Kashmir is one of the beautiful honeymoon destinations in Pakistan. The outstanding green forests, lakes, streams, rivers and many more wonderful sights are there to enjoy your honeymoon.

neelum valley pakistan

The beautiful sight with fresh greenery is something to see for honeymoon.

neelum valley for honeymoon destination

5. Chitral

The place with the mystic air, located at the foot of Tirich Mir, the highest peak of Hindukush range. Moreover, the game of Polo at Shandoor in Chitral is one of the best things to see.

tirich mir chitral

The sights at the Chitral are just striking that you don’t want to go back from there.

chitral pakistan

6. Lake Saiful Muluk

The perfect mountainous lake, which is located at the northern end of the Kaghan Valley has the mesmerizing view for those, who love to admire nature. Hence, also known as the lake of fairies.

lake saiful malook

The colorful place with the snowy stuff everywhere in winters welcomes every person to fall in love with.

lake saiful muluk for honeymoon

7. Shogran Valley

Must think about the Shogran Valley when you decide for the honeymoon because you can’t just take any risk to miss out this place. The Shogran Valley is located on a green plateau in northern Pakistan and depicts the real beauty of nature.

shogran in winters

Make your honeymoon even more special by visiting this romantic place.

shogran for honeymoon in pakistan

8. Fairy Meadows, Nanga Parbat Mountains

The Fair Meadows is known as one of the most beautiful and wonderful place in Pakistan for every newly married couple. It is covered with the thick forests with greenery everywhere.

fairy meadows

The amazing thing is the base camps of Nanga Parbat mountains, because this is what every couple desires.

fairy meadows nanga parbat mountains

Once the wedding is over, couple looks forward for the amazing places for honeymoon and if you are a couple who tends to make it a once-in-a-lifetime destination, then it’s compulsory to make this trip memorable and a romantic one. Honeymoon can be a shorter or a longer one and you can have a beach tour, a ski trip or enjoy the theme parks. You spend months and weeks in planning the best honeymoon destinations within the budget. There are endless amazing locations in Pakistan to choose from, which helps you to list down the most popular places for honeymoon. The honeymoon, which ensures you the absolute romantic journey of a lifetime one can’t forget ever. Must know the details of your honeymoon destination from the hotel to the food you prefer to eat. Your honeymoon period should be unique, romantic, restful and full of enjoyment. The honeymoon days meant to be incredible days with memories you want to remember till death. If you decide to have your romantic honeymoon in Pakistan, then must read this article and make your honeymoon an incredible one.

So where do you want to go for your honeymoon? Check out the list and tell us your favorite honeymoon destination in Pakistan.