Breathe in, breathe out, hold nose for breathing, leave it… This is the best way to take care of your soul and body, which means the mental happiness or meditation. The eccentric practice has now come to the modern world as a trendy morning activity. This is one of the best exercises you can add to your morning because it has been practiced for centuries due to its healthy benefits. You can calm your brain, can reduce your muscle tensions and also stress and depressions. So before eating any mental hygiene, do this powerful exercise for 20 minutes and make it your first morning priority. You will be glad to know the Amazing Meditation Benefits.

There are many types of meditation, you can choose what makes you more comfortable and happy. Find a quiet place and sit there by focusing on your breath. Here we have gathered 6 amazing meditation benefits so we convince you to adopt it for a happy and healthy life.

1. Amazing Meditation Benefits – Manage Anxiety and Stress

A little good breathing can reduce your anxiety and stress and can make your mind relax within seconds. The research suggests that meditation lowers the oxygen consumption and levels of blood lactate, which automatically removes your worries. “Studies have shown improved ability to [permanently] regulate emotions in the brain,” Seppälä says, who is also the associate director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford. “It’s very empowering.”

Amazing Meditation Benefits

2. It Improves State Of Mind and Concentration

Meditation helps you to stay active with your healthy mind and concentrate on particular works. It encourages you to do multi tasks with no worries and makes you happier and calm. “I’m more centered and focused in everything I do. I don’t find myself getting as distracted anymore,” says Sara Robinson of Indianapolis. “Meditation has been linked to a number of things that lead to increased ability to focus, memory. We’ve seen this at the level of the brain.” Greater concentration is related to the increased energy meditation provides. “It connects you with your real source of energy,” Narasimhan says.

meditation improves concentration

3. Improves Sleep and Reduce Insomnia

If you are feeling problems regarding sleeping or staying asleep throughout the night, then you can improve these problems by doing meditation daily. A doctor from Harvard University says that, “Meditation is one of the best ways to trigger a relaxation response.” Another study found that the adults who do meditation have a good sleep with less insomnia chances. Other results from the research of meditation appears that 91% of people that participated in a meditation course, who were on medication due to sleeping difficulty, reported reducing their medication dose or completely stopping the medication.

meditation improves sleep

4. Meditation Slows Aging

Aging is the main problem between the people now a days, but the studies suggest that meditation changes brain physiology to slow aging. “Cognition seems to be preserved in meditators,” says Sara Lazar, a researcher at Harvard University. Another researcher Hoge said that meditators also have longer telomeres, known as the caps on chromosomes indicative of biological age. That meditation lengthens life “may be a bit of a stretch,” Hoge says. “But there is something about meditation that is associated with longer telomeres … [perhaps that] it reduces stress and its effects on the body.” So do meditation to get younger looks!

meditation slows aging

5. Amazing Meditation Benefits – It Makes You Happy

Meditation increases serotonin, known as the happy chemical, which makes your mood happier and boost you up. Those people who are under high level of stress or anxiety have lower levels of serotonin. Moreover, the meditation regulates the brain circuits, that are responsible in regulating the person’s emotions. The Ronnie Newman says that, “Meditation puts you on the fast track to being happy.” The meditation helps to develop self acceptance in person and also contributes towards a healthy lifestyle.

meditation makes you happy

6. Perfect In Weight Loss

Meditation supports your weight loss goals and helps you to shed your extra pounds. Some people tend to eat foods for weight loss and others goes for exercise or gym, but for me the best way is to do meditation to remove the body fat as it also helps to boost your energy and mind. You can eat healthy snacks while doing meditation, which will definitely make you fit and strong.

meditation helps in weight loss