The street food hawking can be found in every area of the world, no matter what the culture or religion is. Some people found it more tempting and delicious than the expensive restaurants. The portable food stalls are what everyone wants to visit in reasonable rates. These sellers have made their finest businesses by the road side in Pakistan. You can see them in every roads, streets, markets and public places, where office workers, students, shopkeepers and others tend to eat and find very ease in eating from their stalls. Pakistani street snacks are famous all over the world, whether you are rich or not, not a single thing can replace the delicious samosas, aaloo chane, shawarma, bhutta, lassi, masala fries, jalebi, haleem, sugar cane juice, roasted peanuts and many more tasty Pakistani Street Snacks.

Okay, ignore that fancy fine restaurant dining, when you have lots of other opportunities near you. These food stalls are becoming famous day by day and it is considered as so much fun to eat in front of everyone, where you can have lots of social interaction too. If you don’t believe, then must take a look at this article about the list of appetizing Pakistani street snacks which are absolutely best. So welcome to the delicious joyride!

1. The tempting Shawarma should be on the top.

pakistani street snacks

2. Old version of hot and masala French Fries.

pakistani french fries

3. What about the Desi Paratha with mouth-watering chutneys?

pratha stall in pakistan

4. Bhutta/Challi/Makai/Chanay! All the roasted versions are the best.

pakistani famous food

5. How about a glass of creamy Lassi?

pakistani summer drinks

6. In summers, sugarcane juice is a must!

street stalls in pakistan

7. You can’t miss spicy Papad, if you are living in Pakistan.

papad stalls in pakistan

8. Sweet and fluffy Candy Floss or you can say Gudiya Ke Baal.

candy floss in pakistan

9. The crazy and obsessive Meetha Pan is a love.

multan meetha pan

10. Pakistani street snacks = The Pakoras

pakistani favorite snacks

11. The Anday wala Burger is the crush of everyone.

anday wala burger

12. One can’t forget to talk about Gol Gappay.

gol gappay lahore

13. Must eat Khoye wali Kulfi.

pakistani sweet dish

14. The love of summer is none other than Gola Ganda.

pakistani summer gola

15. And yes the crispy and juicy Jalebis.

jalebi stall in pakistani streets