6 Pakistani Celebrities With Plastic Surgeries


As you people know that in other industries like Hollywood the concept of plastic surgery is very common. The celebrities of that industry used to experience these surgeries almost every second. This concept is becoming more popular in Pakistan and India too. Now the actors and actresses of our country also experience these surgeries to […]

Highly Educated Politicians

youngest highly educated politician

It is said, ‘the quality of a leader is reflected in the standards he sets for himself’ – Ray Kroc. Education forms the basis of over-all development. Since leaders are expected to legislate for their people, a high score on education matrix is definitely more desirable. Pakistan has a very rich political background, where we […]

Delicacies of Pakistan

sindhi biryani

Pakistan is a culturally rich country. Pakistani food perfectly illustrates the natural flavor and palate of the country’s colorful culture. Pakistanis are known to be food lovers. With a range of spices used to create traditional food items, the tastes generally differ province to province. There is definitely no love more genuine than the love […]