Ayesha Omer known for her bold and beautiful looks all over Pakistan. An actress, a singer and a painter the name is known to all. Ayesha Omer has been considered a top-level Pakistani actress for so long now. Her TV success has brought her to the silver screen as well and she has been doing equally prominent work in that field also. Ayesha Omer Dramas is an article that will give you a brief tour of her work as far as the television serials are concerned.

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She has done quite some drama roles so far in which the drama serial bulBulay is the top highlight of her career. Along with that, she has also done some other drama serials like Zindagi Gulzar Hai, a HUM TV classic, Tanhai, Ladies Park and much more. So in the passage given below, we will be discussing her roles in the dramas.

Ayesha Omer in Sleeveless

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 BulBulay Drama Cast Pic

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One of the leading comedy-drama serial of Pakistan for over 10 years now. The first episode was cast in 2009. Ayesha Omer is doing the role of Khoobsurat, the wife of Nabeel. Basically this is a story of an unconventional family of Pakistan that faces different problems due to their stupid and funny actions. Ayesha Omer has done justice with her name in the drama and is looking as beautiful as ever since the very start. Bulbulay proved that Ayesha Omer can also do comic roles which might be the reason that she was selected for a couple of Comedy films of Pakistan.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai

Zindagi Gulzar Hai Famous Pakistani Drama

Ayesha Omer Dramas can never be completed by mentioning the blockbuster Pakistani Drama Zindagi Gulzar Hai. Although she was not in the lead role. But still, she did justice with the role of Sara, the sister of Fawad Khan. Ayesha Omer played a sweet young girl character. She was not highly noticeable but still, she was a part of this success.


Ayesha omer Tanhai Drama with Soha Ali Abro

Arzoo (Ayesha Omer) was the lead character of this drama serial which revolved around a married couple who loved each other a lot. The problems started when Arzoo declares that she wanted to be a working woman. Her Husband Gohar Mumtaz did not allow this. This made Arzoo angry and she started an affair outside with Mohsin who promised to give her whatever she wants. Arzoo takes a divorce from Gohar and marries Mohsin. The drama gained huge success and the critics praised her work as a versatile actress.

Ladies Park

Ladies Park Ayesha Omer Old Drama

The series revolves around the lives of four couples and their trials and tribulations. When Sonia, Saba, Natasha, and Rubina meet in a park every day, they share each other’s problems as they take their evening walk. Apart from recreation, this is a time when these women bare their souls to each other, console each other and in some cases even try to solve each other’s problems by lending a helping hand; this often leads to hilariously catastrophic results. The role of Natasha was played by Ayesha Omer.

Dil Apna Preet Parai

Ayesha Omer Popular and famous Dramas

A negative role. One to watch out for sure. Alina (Ayesha Omer) is the protagonist in the play. She is Sukaina’s sister. The role of a businesswoman is being played by Alina who became successful after greater hard work. Like all other independent working women in our dramas, she too has no time for her home or kids. Her character is all black.

The only reason she does not give her husband and kids’ time is that she is too successful now. She even thinks that her husband is jealous of her success. The grandmother brings up her two kids. When the grandmother passes away; Ahsan (her husband) tries his best to look after the kids but he has a business to run too and he does not have time. Ahsan’s younger siblings Sonia and Mohsin are just spoiled rotten and one can’t help but wonder how they ended up the way they are!


Ayesha Omer Dramas enabled us to know that whatever role was given to her, she did equally good. A humorous role, a negative role, a typical homegirl. Ayesha omer did justice to everything she selected. Although her drama career was a shorter one as she switched to films after that. But still, her contributions towards the drama industry can never be underestimated.