The movie Balu Mahi is all set to release next month with romantic story. This movie is directed by Haissam Hussain and produced by Sadia Jabbar. Balu Mahi movie is all about love, romance, comedy and travelling, targeting the Valentine’s Day audience next year. After lots of discussions, the biggest news is most awaited Balu Mahi title song has released and it has all the dance moves you desire to see in any Pakistani movie.

The Balu Mahi title song went viral after its release. Once you see it, you will be shocked by the dance floor, the amazing background, black and white theme, and yes Ainy and Osman outfits. Ainy is wearing a black short skirt with white shirt and a tie, whereas Osman Khalid is looking awesome in his casual dressing.

No doubt, they are really showing everyone some perfect dance moves. Here is how,

Have you seen Osman Khalid like this ever? His dance moves!

balu mahi title song

And yes Ainy, must learn some dance moves from her…

ainy jaffery dance in new movie

The couple dance is on another level though.

balu mahi new song is out wowreads

Wow! The spotlights are there too.

ainy and osman chemistry

Check out the full Balu Mahi title song here.