Every bride looks for the perfect dress for her big day and the complementary jewelry with each dress, when it comes to traditional style. As a symbol of beauty, many brides prefer to wear beautiful nose rings, that can add charm to their entire royal look. Known as ‘Nath’ this jewelry piece is by far the most adorable one to draw everyone’s attention. For me, bride look cannot be completed without her nose ring.

There are many beautiful nose rings you can choose from like the nose ring with metal chain, the kundan nose ring, the round big nose ring, the one with pearls and much more. To choose among them, you should know what face shape you have and what sort of nose ring will suit you. Check out the different and beautiful nose rings and pick the right one.

1. That beautiful white pearl nose ring will definitely add bling to your whole look. You can wear it on any of your’s big day with other jewelry pieces. It will definitely add sparkle to your wedding outfit, so create the perfect look for your big day with amazing jewelry.

white pearl nose ring
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2. This is one of the most traditional and beautiful nose rings, one can wear on the wedding day. Make a dazzling showpiece with beautiful makeup and shimmery wedding dress. So to look modern and cultural, wear this three layered Kundan style embellished chain nose ring.

three layers nose ring
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3. Another three layered, but the heavy nose ring is perfect for the modern Pakistani brides. Pair this beautiful piece with your Bridal Lehenga to make a big statement. Forget about the boring and old nose rings and choose the heavy jewelry piece to turn the heads of people on your biggest day of life.

three layered nose ring
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4. This is the most elegant nose ring you can wear to enhance your big day look. Something old has now become trendy as something new just like this stunning nose ring. So make a statement and show everyone your unique jewelry beautifully paired with your dress. Yes, you will be a gorgeous bride ever.

round bridal nose ring
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5. The crescent or you can say moon style nose ring is in huge demand nowadays. Generally, Pakistani brides prefer such nose rings. This piece will really look meaningful and beautiful on you, because this nose ring style is made for every bride.

one chain moon style nose ring
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6. Want an elegant look on your wedding day? This nose ring without chain will definitely look pleasing on you. These are light in weight and since these come in various colors and styles, you can have a pair for your favorite outfit for your any wedding day.

nose ring without chain
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7. Don’t be panic, what your face shape is. Because this round ‘Nath’ suits on every type of face. These come in many designs so you can pick the nicest one according to your style. Whether it is your mayon, mehndi or barat, these round nose rings are going to make you look incredible.

light weight nose ring
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8. The lighter or the heavier one? Choose yourself and make your entire look more mesmerizing. Flaunt your look with these beautifully made nose rings and you will be the amazing bride ever.

light and heavy nose rings
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9. The drooped style nose ring is also in fashion. Wear amazing makeup and other jewelry pieces with this and you will sparkle in the crowd. With stones, pearls or kundans, this can make any other nose ring feel shy.

droop type nose ring
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10. The beautiful, yet simple round shape nose ring is another option for the fascinating look. This nose ring is going to add its own tune into your wedding ceremony. Go for it!

bridal nose ring
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11. Big round Pakistani nose ring looks dashing on any bride. You can add beads, pearls or any stone you want. Instead of the simple one, go for these extravagance nose rings and these will complement your whole look.

big round pakistani nose ring
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12. Wow! This nose ring looks good on any look, bridal or also casual. Make your messy bun or wear it with open hair. It will look best on all outfits. You name it and you can have it for your bridal dress.

big nose ring
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13. Needs no introduction, the simple and elegant nose ring with the other amazing jewelry piece is the most beautiful one. This type of nose ring is not too loud, but serves the purpose just right.

beautiful nose rings
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14. The round nose ring connected with beaded chain is another option for the traditional bride. Make it one layer or two, up to you. You can get varieties in these types of nose rings and trust us, this is going to give your photos that much needed actress look.

beads style nose ring
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Most of the brides today want to make a statement on their every wedding day and to feel that their big day is unique. The jewelry, dress, shoes, should be both expressive and beautifully made. No matter if you are having a giant modern wedding or the one with a vintage touch, you will look gorgeous walking down all the way to your man.