Winter season is here and we all know we can’t sit in our homes silently, as a tour of the northern areas is must. Agreed? You must be! The beautiful places in Pakistan covered in snow depict the true beauty of nature and it’s like a heaven on earth. The tourist from all over the world prefer to visit these beautiful places in Pakistan like Kaghan, Swat, Naran, Murree, Shogran, Gilgit and many more.

People mostly think that the winters are only for wrapping up in the quilt in front of the heater and having some dry fruits. But, trust us, by doing this, you will miss the beautiful places in Pakistan in winters. The snow capped mountains, snow carpeted gardens, frozen lakes and the breathtaking roads are the stuff to explore. So we have gathered the 6 beautiful places in Pakistan you should visit this winter season. Leave your quilts and plan your trip with your loved ones!

1. Leepa Valley

On the top, it’s definitely the “God’s Paradise On Earth”, the Leepa Valley in Azad Kashmir. This place is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan, where people love to go to admire the spectacular beauty. If you go there in winters, you will be glad to see everything covered in the white blanket from mountains with pine trees. So plan a tour and don’t forget to pack lots of warm stuffs.

beautiful places in pakistan

2. Ziarat

Located in Balochistan, the Ziarat valley is a home to the world’s second largest Juniper forest and having one of the oldest Juniper trees in the world. This winter season, Ziarat will give you the out of the world feeling with its stunning scenery views. The roads carpeted with snow are really enthralling to give the tourists more excitement and thrill.

ziarat pakistan

3. Malam Jabba

To give winters a new phase, visit to hill station is a must especially the Malam Jabba, Saidu Sharif. It is the most popular ski resort in Pakistan and is the only one, where tourists come every year to enjoy the winter season. There are a variety of tourist facilities in Malam Jabba like chair lift, skiing, ice-skating and many more snowy options. Moreover, this place was once known as the “Posh Resort”.

malam jabba in winters4. Gilgit

Everyone knows that Gilgit Baltistan is the most famous and amazing place to visit, no matter what the season is. It is the most spectacular region of Pakistan in the terms of its beautiful scenery and marvelous mountain ranges. Gilgit is encircled by many valleys like Naltar, Haramosh and Astore with the breathtaking views. The cool weather there gives you the opportunity to see the nature very closely and yes the best months are December and January, when you can enjoy the heavy snowfall there.

gilgit baltistan in winter season

5. Hunza

Hunza is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan, which attracts the tourists across the world, especially in winter season. The snow-capped mountains and the beautiful sights there are enough to explore our country. You can also enjoy the popular places there like Attabad lake, Baltit fort, Passu and Karimabad. Make sure to add Hunza in your travel list this winter.

snow falling in hunza6. Skardu

Just like the other stunning places in Pakistan, Skardu is the famous one, which is an embodiment of natural beauty. You can enjoy the journey to Skardu surrounded by several streams, springs, mountains, greenery, food and the kindness of the local people. If you are really a traveler, then this place will give you the inner satisfaction and a smile on your face.

resorts in skardu

So, which place will you be visiting this winter season?