Canada is one of those kind nations, who always stood with the minorities. It accepts different cultures, when the rest of the country prefers to focus on racism, intolerance and Islamophobia. What made us love this country is Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, a real man with a wonderful thought. He knows how to give minorities’ freedom as majorities. In short, he is so special. The reason why we are in awww is Justin’s Canada issued Eid Mubarak postage stamps to Muslims, yet another example of accepting every religion.

justin trudeau pm of canada

Look at the stamp. It says Eid Mubarak and design is specially made to describe the rich history of Muslim art and architecture.

canada issued eid mubarak postage stamps
Source: canadapost

This is not the first time, Justin Trudeau showed such love and honesty to people. He has welcomed Syrian refugees in the country and believes in the idea of ‘One World’ and he means it too. Canadian Prime Minister every gesture is just amazing that we just love him. And on the top, he is good looking and handsome and the man with every single trait.

justin trudeau helping syrian refugees

Canada issued Eid Mubarak postage stamps on the country’s 150th birthday. Deepak Chopra, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Canada Post said, “As Canada reaches its 150th birthday, our stamp committee reflected on some themes that need to reflect the Canada of today.”

Indeed, it is really lovely how non-Muslims are appeasing the Muslims through these beautiful ways.

At the end, we only want to say, MORE LOVE TO YOU MR. JUSTIN!