Desi PABANDIYAN Every Girl Love To Create For Her Boyfriend

girlfriends demands

Desi girlfriends are just like Desi mothers who know how to teach the boy a good lesson, but this time we will talk about the innocent boyfriends. Girls love to create different limits for their boyfriends, which shows that these girls want one man love in their life. Sometimes these Pabandiyan can go to beyond […]

What Type Of Neighbors Do You Have? The “PURSUKOON” ones or “SARDARD”

What Type Of Neighbors Do You Have

It is greatly said that; “We make our friends; we make our enemies; but God makes our next door neighbor”. Gilbert K. Chesterton Neighbors are the greatest blessings in the world, but sometimes this blessing can be very dangerous for you, especially when you are living with the Desi annoying neighbors. Staying in a Desi […]

Epic Punjabi But English Translated Songs That Will Make Your Day

punjabi english translated songs

Punjabi songs are always in demand, especially for boys because they fully understand what the singer is actually wanting to say and meaning behind these songs. Have you ever thought to hear these songs in English, but with the same music? Well! Get ready to enjoy these songs which we have translated from Punjabi to […]

Earth quake in Pakistan of 7.7 magnitude Felt across India,Afghnista and UAE


Its a second largest earth quack in Pakistan after October 2005 earthquake its hits almost all cities of Pakistan Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Jhang, Karachi Faisalabad, Mardan, Swat, Gujranwala Sialkot and Azad Kashmir and also in other cities of Pakistan. People were very scared came out from their home and offices, stand out in streets and […]