My Top Picks From Coke Studio Season 8


Rohail Hayat leaving coke studio was a great set back. With Coke studio season 8, the series however has definitely raised its game. Playing with some classics and using vocals of singers like Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar,Mikaal hasaan, Mai Dhai and Uzair Jaswal, there was diverse music for music lovers to enjoy. This superb venture […]

Noor Forth Marriage With A Young Singer

famous actress noor 4 married

As you people are well aware of Noor Bukhari who once remained a dancing beauty of Lollywood Films has married three times and all her weddings resulted in divorce unfortunately. Now the news came, according to which the actress has married for the fourth time despite of having a daughter from the third marriage and […]

See Top Famous Celebrities With Hair Transplants

Bald to Beautiful celebs

Miracles or hair transplants? Or are we hallucinating? You decide. David Beckham The style icon David Beckham, whose hairstyles are very much followed by guys, has fake hair. Jon Cryer John Cryer also known as Alan from tv series “two and a half men” himself admitted that he has undergone hair transplantation.He told Conan O’Brien: “This […]

Top 10 Highly Budgeted Female Actresses of Pakistan

Highly Budgeted Female Actresses of Pakistan

Pakistan is the most talented country in the world which is full of amazing showbiz stars. It’s not easy to become an actor and turning your skills into something really appreciable is something just wow. Pakistan is the leading country because of different dramas and serials full of moral lessons. People from all over the […]