Highly Educated Politicians

youngest highly educated politician

It is said, ‘the quality of a leader is reflected in the standards he sets for himself’ – Ray Kroc. Education forms the basis of over-all development. Since leaders are expected to legislate for their people, a high score on education matrix is definitely more desirable. Pakistan has a very rich political background, where we […]

If Our Politicians Were Disney Cartoons

funny nawaz shareef

We always get furious after watching our favorite politician on T.V or live, they are always seen fighting and arguing with each other on every single matter. They mostly seem serious, but we can drag them in everything funny just to entertain ourselves. Just like Pakistani politicians, we are also very fond of Hollywood movies […]

Double standards of Facebook, profile picture change option for Paris but not for the Muslim countries

muslim against facebook for paris profile picture

  Recently a major terror attack took place in Paris where more than hundred of the innocent persons were killed. After this incident took place, facebook owner has decided to bring the theme for this incident. This theme was selected as one to show solidarity to the militants of this incident. Theme. An option was […]