7 Bollywood Actresses And Their Celebrity Crushes

Crush is something everyone has, so Bollywood Actresses are not the exception. Like every normal human being, Bollywood actresses also have crushes and their crushes are also the leading and known heroes of the film industry. This article will make you people know about the most popular crushes of some well known actresses of the […]

Sanam Baloch Wedding Pics Are The Proof That Simple Brides Are The Happy Ones

sanam baloch wedding pic

Finding a special person to spend your whole life with is not less than a blessing. It’s the most beautiful experience ever as you get married to the person you want. Be it Pakistan or any foreign country, weddings are known to be the most joyous occasion not for couples only, but for the people […]

This Indian Woman’s Message To Pakistan Saying ‘Thanks For Defeating India’ Is Going Viral

This Indian Woman’s Message To Pakistan Saying ‘Thanks For Defeating India’ Is Going Viral

So, we know that our Pakistani team has won the ICC Champions Trophy tremendously against India and we are going gaga. When it comes to Pakistan and India, both countries are cricket crazy and you will not see any rivalry like this anywhere. We beat India and let social media splayed by the trolls. After […]

10 Reasons You Should Marry A Man Who Loves To Cook

People who love to cook are really awesome because there is nothing so satisfying than to eat without cooking. That feeling when home-cooked meal is waiting for you, it’s really magnificent. Marriage is a great and really an exhilarating experiment, where everyone wishes to marry a working person or a man with different profession like […]

13 Hilarious Things About Being Married Or Single

single vs married

Marriage is the most important part of life. People get into a relationship and the people who are single also want to be in a relationship and later get married. There are some differences in being single or married that can be described in a comic way.  There are a lot of changes that take […]