Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi Biography | Poems, Books, Quotes & Secrets

Fact Sheet: Birth Name: Jalaluddin Muhammad Balkhi Also Known as: Maulana Rome, Rumi Date of Birth: c. September 30, 1207 Place of Birth: Balkh, Afghanistan Died: December 17, 1273 Place of Death: Konya, Turkey Sun Sign: Libra Language(s): Persian Nationality: Afghan, Turkish Family Details Father: Baha-ud-din Walad Spouse: Gowha Khatun Children: Ala-eddin Chalabi, Amir Alim […]

Top 10 Countries With Most Powerful Nuclear Weapons In The World 2019

nuclear power countries

Nuclear weapons are ordnance that are extremely powerful and horrifying to erase the living species on the Earth. These weapons were created during World War II. It causes an enormous hot blast that can kill half of the people of the whole world.  In no time, these bombs can destroy the whole world, so time […]

7 Bollywood Actresses And Their Celebrity Crushes

Crush is something everyone has, so Bollywood Actresses are not the exception. Like every normal human being, Bollywood actresses also have crushes and their crushes are also the leading and known heroes of the film industry. This article will make you people know about the most popular crushes of some well known actresses of the […]

Pakistan Defence Day: The Importance of 6th September In Our Lives

Pakistan Defence Day

Pakistan Defence Day: the day which holds the utmost importance in our lives. Every year, we Pakistanis celebrate this day in order to pay tribute to our Ghazi’s and Shuhda’s who courageously defeat our motherland’s enemy. They defended the borders of Pakistan and saved the people and the country with their exceptional bravery. Also known […]

Sania Mirza’s Furious Response To A Twitter User Who Called Her Non-Indian Is Making Our Day

Sania mirza

The rape of an 8 years old girl Asifa Bano in the village of Jammu & Kashmir, Kathua has made the entire country terrified. The case is still undergoing and many celebrities are coming forward to express their disgust over this shameful incident. Meanwhile, Indian celebrity and the famous tennis star Sania Mirza raised her […]

This Indian Woman’s Message To Pakistan Saying ‘Thanks For Defeating India’ Is Going Viral

This Indian Woman’s Message To Pakistan Saying ‘Thanks For Defeating India’ Is Going Viral

So, we know that our Pakistani team has won the ICC Champions Trophy tremendously against India and we are going gaga. When it comes to Pakistan and India, both countries are cricket crazy and you will not see any rivalry like this anywhere. We beat India and let social media splayed by the trolls. After […]