This world is full of complex Cool Things and people, which don’t allow you to do what you openly want. The things include to do itching on your back, picking your nose, lick your whole hand after a superb meal. You can’t do those stuffs, you really cannot because you are living in the respectable, yet Desi family.

We are always taught to behave well in every situation, especially when we are with others. Sometimes, we just want to do what others don’t like and don’t let us do, in short doing which you never do before. Here is the list of 15 things you want to do but can’t in your Desi family. Have a look!

1. Cool Things – Abusing openly in front of everyone.

abuse openly in front of everyone

2. Trash the people you hate the most in your life.

Cool Things

3. Saving the money, but can’t because a sale is on the peak.

sale is on peak

4. Want to sing a vulgar song in the presence of the whole family, but impossible.

sing a vulgar song in front of desi family

5. Dinner in the five star hotel and at the end, want to lick my both hands for the real taste of food.

five star hotel

6. Wanna learn belly dance.

learn belly dance

7. To sleep for the whole day and night, but not possible because ammi will not bear this.

Cool Things in desi family

8. You want to eat all the chocolates in the world with no weight gain.

eat the chocolates

9. You want to handle all the things with great superpowers, which you actually don’t have. Hmm!

great superpowers

10. To clear your teeth with your nails rather than using a toothpick.

clear teeth with nails

11. Travel the whole world with your boyfriend, but can’t because you are living in a Desi family.

travel a world with boyfriend

12. Want to become a President of own country, because present leaders are not performing their duties well.

to become president

13. To wear shorts and enjoy the whole day with no restrictions, but…

enjoy the day in shorts

14. You really want to change your relationship status from single to married now, but you are somehow small.

to get married

15. Want to slap the guy who was your past.

awesome silly thing

Comment below, if you have some things like these to do, but cannot!