Have we people ever considered or even thought for a moment out of our tense, hectic routines that what is the basic purpose of taking these breaths? What will be our future role in the betterment of ourselves? If yes, then you would have gone into the search of your own self that what your responsibilities are towards the whole society and mankind as a human being. Also how are you using your traits and capabilities to fulfill the responsibilities upon your shoulders.

definition of human being

If no, then maybe it’s not too late to think about that what was the reason of our production? A simple living human being observes things around its surroundings and as a matter of fact it’s a part of human psychology that our brain and body follow a routine, that also tune your habits after a specific time. So, you should consider these facts and try to think that if everything follows a specific order, then there would be some specific purpose behind our creation…

Basically, humans (Homo sapiens) the wise men have got a prestigious and distinguished trait that is wisdom that separates us from all the earthly and heavenly beings. This ability of thinking distinguishes us from all of others and we should think about ourselves that what if I were not present here? What if I would have been a piece of paper made from a tree used by children to draw crayon drawings? What would have been the scenario if I had been an angel? But you and I people are not these non-livings or heavenly creatures… We are living beings, so we should give others a proof of our self-being human.

Human Life… A Detailed Point Of View

A human has his/her thinking, set of mind, and outlook into the world, society. Is a person who constantly thinks about his/her shortcomings and adjusts personality according to his/her responsibilities. Is the one who keeps a keen, precise and accurate record of his own self. A human takes into account his own behavior towards the other beings on a daily basis and tries to improve it.

As we all know that every single object, whether living or non-living follows a unique pattern or cycle in its whole life. Therefore, A human being also goes through several phases of life, namely birth, youth and old age and in all these phases humans undergo changes in their body, behavior, way of thinking, opinions, emotions and ability to conceive and apply changes to themselves and their surroundings, so, in my opinion, I define a human being as a person who undergoes these natural changes and constantly defies and denies the part of his self that urges him to divert to the other side of the coin i.e. the vile side.

We & Our Challenges

I define a human as a person who irrespective of the circumstances, challenges his/her self to strive against degenerate ideas, opinions, way of thinking and deeds. A human is a person who is in a constant fight with his/her inner soul. He/she has enlightenment and wisdom through which he/she conquers the barren wrecked parts of soul and tries in the whole honest sense to rehabilitate inner soul and to fill out the parts of self that are constantly becoming astray.

A human is not a person who never makes a mistake, whether in work, studies, relations, etc. But is a person who makes mistakes, accounts them, examines them and then sets out to face these challenges with his/her full strength and strategy whether you name it as capabilities, way of thinking or any tool used to mend mistakes. In my opinion a human is not a perfectionist, but a commuter who is always in a search to find the mistakes he/she has done and to try to mend them. A human is a person who admits the challenges faced by his/her self in the daily aspects of life and conquers these challenges with a smile on face, a tender heart and a peaceful mind.

What Makes You Believe That You Are Alive???

I think that a human shouldn’t lose to his/her own self because the control on one’s own self is a pivotal game changer in the lives of many people, family in particular and the society as a general. A human being shouldn’t deny his/her self from the challenges or responsibilities on one’s shoulders because IT IS LIFE, everyone has his/her own set of game and everyone has to face it. So, one should try to keep a tight friendship with faith and hope because these two friends reshape humans and have the ability to reach out through the valleys of doom and set humans free from being a slave to their own devils. What makes you think that what you are doing??? What makes you feel things, emotions and sensations???

You & Your Conscious Soul

I think that it’s our conscious that makes us aware of all the above-mentioned things. This same conscious is responsible for awakening a person from the dark dreams and tells what demons he/she is facing inside. This conscious is also your first role model, the one that leads you from the path of vague, shadowy and dooming lands to the soothing, calm and silent lands of virtue, blessings and honesty. I think of a human as a person who as mentioned earlier keeps a constant check and balance of his deeds, the more one is aware of his/her own self, the more one comes towards humanity.

A human is a person that does not let his/her conscious dies out. This was a very brief, pin pointed, rather seeming irrelevant definition of a human, but it’s my life experience that these are the essentials in becoming a human or rather trying to become one and these activities can yield a healthy society in which everyone has a calculated self and is fighting against his/her inner self demons the ones that bring up devastating demands resulting in chaos and catastrophe for society and us in general, the humans.

Verily “It’s funny how humans can wrap their mind around things and fit them into their version of reality.” (Rick Riordan)

Credit: Syed Muhammad Qasim Raza