Delicacies of Pakistan

Pakistan is a culturally rich country. Pakistani food perfectly illustrates the natural flavor and palate of the country’s colorful culture. Pakistanis are known to be food lovers. With a range of spices used to create traditional food items, the tastes generally differ province to province. There is definitely no love more genuine than the love of food. As it is said about Pakistanis, we don’t eat to live, but live to eat.

Tourism in Pakistan

Tourists visiting Pakistan from all over the world love to eat Pakistani food for its deliciousness and uniqueness. Speaking of provincial tastes, some prefer spicy food, some prefer less spicy, some like eating more savory items, others love to eat sweet dishes or desserts. Let’s explore the different food and their tastes from all over Pakistan.

Have a glimpse of the list of delicacies of Pakistan as each dish has its own flavor that provides you a wonderful experience in itself!


Punjab is one of the most lively provinces of Pakistan and it gives you more than just different and delicious cuisines. Every province has its own flavor and the different taste divides people, but it’s the food which unites us as Pakistanis. Punjabi cuisine is world famous for delicious meals and people love to eat there. Chicken tikka, batair, shami kabab, gosht, sarson ka saag, paratha/naan, are all eaten throughout Pakistan. The only difference is that Punjabis like it less spicy and salty. They prefer a considerably mild taste. These traditional dishes never seem old and we can eat them almost daily. Yet, these are the tastiest dishes for all.

Chicken Tikka in pakistan


Sindhi Biryani is the most popular and favorite dish of Pakistan. We all can relate to the fact that no matter what, there is always extra space in the stomach for biryani. Other yummy dishes include Sindhi style fish, koki and sweet vermicelli-seviyan. Sindhis like to spice food up and are fond of desserts. The food of Sindh is flavorful and one of the most colorful of all the cuisines in Pakistan. The food is good in taste and gives pleasure to taste buds. One can mix up the Sindhi cuisine with the Punjabi one as Sindhi cuisine also gives you zesty ingredients and rich texture. If you’re a pure Sindhi food fan, then must try lip-smacking papad and some pickle with the Sindhi dishes. It’s time to explore this wonderful cuisine!

sindhi biryani


Balochistan is one of those provinces of Pakistan, which is also famous for rich culture. One for sure can’t live without the Balochi cuisine that represents the cultural heritage of Balochistan. Balochi people, mostly love to eat meat, mutton and lamb and they know how to cook Balochi foods in the best form ever. Sajji, which is widely enjoyed all over Pakistan, technically originates from Balochistan. Kaak is a bangle shaped bread that you can only find in Balochistan. Dumpukht and Khaadi Kabab are other delicacies of Balochistan. Whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner, Balochi food gives you the unique flavor.

balochistan Sajji

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

People from KPK are fond of eating different types of meat in every other way. These include chappli kabab, lamb karahi, lamb tikka and even meat dumplings known as Mantu. Doday is an oval shaped naan that is huge in size and has designs over it. Yes, this can only be found in northern Pakistan. People there is really sincere with their food and if you ever visit there, you can’t resist eating spicy chappli kebabs. Made from beef or chicken mince, onions, chilies, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, tomatoes and many other spices, these kebabs are the world’s best. This is not the end as Pakistan has a lot more food to make you foody at least once, so make your taste buds happy again!

chappli kabab

One interesting fact that most of us are unaware of is that the most traditional Pakistani dish, Daal Chawal is a dish that comes from the north. Don’t we all think that daal chawal is our very own dish invented by our families? Well, not really!

Pakistan is a home of different spices, as it is a diverse country with diverse traditional foods, our food recipes are somehow same in many other countries that we are surrounded by like Central Asia or Middle East. Just like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have hundred of dishes only made up of rice and fish alone, Pakistan and India have many famous cuisines in common and have millions of recipes that are popular worldwide. Be it Punjab, Sindh or Balochistan, the tradition of Desi food can’t be vanished and there are many food items that are equally liked by everyone in Pakistan.

Some other amazing foods that are a must try include nehari, paaye, halwa poori, chana chaat, spicy fruit chaat, khausuey, bar b q items and many more. Let us know what your favorite dish is and how do you like to enjoy it by commenting below.