As the name suggests, Desi people are Desi, who sleeps Desi, eats Desi, drink Desi and even talks Desi. We are well aware of Desi People Dialogues and their company is very awesome, but sometimes they just talk shit that urge you to let your mind blow. These people have their own way of doing everything and want others to do the same.

Are you as Desi as others? If yes, then you will be very glad after knowing the funny dialogues of Desi people, if not, then these dialogues will make you confused plus angry. Here we have collected 14 famous dialogues of Desi people, especially the mothers that will somehow blow your mind. Yes, it’s true!

1. Yeh sunne se pehle ma marr kiyun ni gaye!

desi parents drama

2. Desi People Dialogues – Is se acha tha hmari koi aulad hi na hoti!

Desi People Dialogues

3. Kia gandi aulad mili hai hamein!

desi parents stuff

4. Jab tumhare bache hon gen na tab poochun ghi!

famous taunt of desi people

5. Tumhari haddiyon se pese nikalen gen!

money problems

6. Kha P ke haram kiya hua hai!

your reaction on parents dialogues

7. Pese drakhton pe nae ugte beta!

parents famous taunts

8. Haram ki kmaye nae hai yeh!

reaction on parents dialogue

9. Aakhir aye hue hai bohot!

reaction on your parents speech

10. Pyar ki zabaan nahin samajh aati yhan kisi ko!

desi people anger

11. Damagh kharab hai?

Desi People Dialogues

12. Log kia kahein gen?

desi people tension

13. Kis maa sath lage hue ho?

action by desi people

14. Sudhar jao warna bohot pachtao ghe!

blow your mind