profile picture of paris flag

Recently a major terror attack took place in Paris where more than hundred of the innocent persons were killed. After this incident took place, facebook owner has decided to bring the theme for this incident. This theme was selected as one to show solidarity to the militants of this incident.


facebook profile picture for paris

An option was provided to all the facebook users through which they were able to place the flag of France onto their display picture. This thing was highly appreciated by the users of European countries but on the other hand it has made us think about the dual standards of facebook and the world.

What’s the complain.

muslim against facebook for paris profile picture

The users of facebook that belong to the muslim countries are shocked to see this decision of facebook owner as many such and even more disastrous incidents took place there and still taking place but no such step has ever taken by the facebook association to show solidarity with the events.

Critism in all of the Muslim world.

israel brutality in palestine

Many muslim countries like Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan are under terrorism and violation by the other powerful countries. The thing that hurts the citizens of Muslim countries is that none of such theme is introduced when millions of innocent citizens are killed by the terrorists or in the violent attacks by the citizens of powerful countries.

Reason behind the double standard.

mark zukerberg religion

If we try to find the reason that why the human rights violation and their killings have affected the people throughout the world then one thing can be concluded that these social media applications like facebook and twitter are developed by the western developers. They will surely work for their people. if the Muslims really want someone to stand for their rights then they need to make such name in the world of technology and most importantly by getting united like them.

The way the muslim nations are fighting with each other either apparently or unknowingly is stopping us to get united in the real world.