As we all know the new moon has been sighted and we can proudly say that it’s the month of Rabiul Awwal. On 12th December 2016, all the Muslims will celebrate Eid Miladun Nabi (peace be upon him). This news was announced by Ruet-e-Hilal committee chairman Mufti Muneebur Rehman. He further said that Muslims will celebrate 12 Rabi-ul-Awwal with full religious passion on Monday, 12th December.

eid miladun nabi will be on 12th december 2016

Eid Miladun Nabi 12th December 2016

The new moon of Rabi-ul-Awwal, 1438 AH, was born on crossing conjunction point at 17-18 PST on 29-11-2016. Eid Miladun Nabi is one of the most significant events for Muslims all over the world. It is celebrated as the birth date of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). All the Muslims gather together on this day to remember Allah and His Prophet by arranging Milads.

The Rabi-ul-Awwal Moon Has Sighted

Eid Miladun Nabi In The Light Of Quran And Ahadith

1.Eisa, the son of Maryam, said, “O Allah, O our Lord! Send down to us a table spread from heaven, so that it may become a day of celebration for us – for our former and latter people – and a sign from You; and give us sustenance – and You are the Best Provider Of Sustenance.” (Surah Al-Ma’idah, Verse 114)

2. “The peace is on Him the day when he was born and the day when he will die and the day when he will be raised alive.” (Kanzul Iman the translation of Holy Quran, Sura Al-Maryam, Verse 15)

3. “And all that we narrate to you of the tidings of the messengers is for the purpose of strengthening your heart therewith.” (Kanzul Iman the translation of Holy Quran, Sura Hood, Verse 121)

4. “Oh you who I believe send upon Him blessing and salute Him fully well in abundance. (Kanzul Iman the translation of Holy Quran, Sura Al Ahzab, Verse 56)

5. “Abi Qatada Ansari (may Allah be pleased with him) reported that Allah’s Messenger (may Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon Him) was asked about fasting on Monday, whereupon he said: It is (the day) when I was born and revelation was sent down to me.” (Sahih Muslim, Book 6 – Fasting, Vol. 7, Page 323, Hadith 2807)