The wonderful island named Bali is nowadays a famous and exciting place to visit and a center of attraction for tourists. The famous destination is all about the calm and soothing atmosphere with fresh and relaxing greenery all over. A pure natural site that covers beautiful beaches and the sea waves. The sparkling freshwater all around, unique and beautiful hotels, spa and resorts are the best places for holiday destinations. It is amongst the top ten destinations of the world to explore.

There are almost two seasons in Bali rainy season and dry season. Bali’s white seashores are unquestionably a most loved destination for families. There is an assortment of watersports, for example, parasailing or go swimming or you may simply wait and appreciate great sunbathing by the ocean.

Bali Travel Tips:

Bali as a Rushy Destination:

Although Bali is the most beautiful place to visit but keep in mind that its the most rushy destination especially in the peak seasons of vacations. The main focus for every tourist that comes from all around the world. People from all over the globe came here to explore nature, sea waves and the fresh atmosphere of Bali.

Choose Perfect Climate:

Rains in bali

Bali is at its best in between April to September with the warm temperature and no rainfall as well as humidity around. The island is at its best in these months. All of the tourists visit these months, therefore, the rates of the hotels and resorts are usually higher than usual. Don’t let rainfall ruin your trip, therefore, plan the season accordingly to your trip. Another drawback of the heavy rains witnessed in Bali is poor visibility at the mountainous sites. Also, it produces mosquitos in this rainy season.

Traditions and Events in Bali:

All during that time, Bali has various celebrations and occasions. To visit Bali you must witness the great events and become part of them. All of them have some exciting things and absolutely new traditions to learn. Among the significant occasions you discover are:

  • Bali spirit festival 
  • Folk Art Festival of Buleleng 
  • Bali kite festival 
  • Bali Art festival 
  • Ubud Writers and readers festival 
  • Kuta Karnival 
  • Sanur village festival 

Learning Local Language:

To visit somewhere one must know the local words as different areas have different languages and different pronunciation to different words therefore, one must have to know about the language you traveling to. Here are a few words that might help you:

Caution for Wild Animals:

Wild animals

All the wild animals in Bali especially monkeys are mischievous and naughty they look cute but are secret thieves. They steal your food and belongings. The cute animal is free and part of nature but keeps a distance from them as the disease of Rabies is quite common in Bali. Avoid getting near they may attack you in different ways or might harm you as they are wild and free.


Although Bali is the busiest tourist destination for the following years. The beautiful natural paradise on earth should be explored with all the traditions and famous things. But before visiting Bali one must follow the following details in order to spend a beautiful and memorable vacation.