Everyone knows that Gilgit Baltistan is the most famous and amazing place to visit, no matter what the season is. It is the most spectacular region of Pakistan in the terms of its beautiful scenery and marvelous mountain ranges. There are many Places To Visit In Gilgit Baltistan to admire all the breathtaking views there. Gilgit Baltistan is like the paradise, including rich cultural heritage and a variety of things to do.

In the spring season, the flowers and beautiful trees will make your visit unforgettable in the presence of lakes, hill stations and valleys. In summer, mountain climbing is the best way to explore this place. In the winter, skiing and all the snow activities are there for you to enjoy and autumn brings you the pure and eye-catching greenery everywhere.

Here we have collected names of some amazing places to visit in Gilgit Baltistan, so get ready and pack your bags.

1. Naltar Valley

The beautiful pine forest valley with lovely alpine trees, flowers, green vegetation, wildlife, lakes, streams and snow covered mountains. You can go there on jeeps because Naltar valley is 40km away from Gilgit. This place is really famous for the skiing activities in the winter season. So go there and enjoy the feel of paradise!

Places To Visit In Gilgit Baltistan
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2. Fairy Meadows

The stunning place Fairy meadow is present in the heart of colorful Gilgit Baltistan and located at the base of Nanga Parbat, which is 9th highest mountain in the world. It is one of the lushest and most relaxing places to visit in Gilgit Baltistan, where you can also find the best hospitality of the locals. You should not miss this place if you ever visit Gilgit Baltistan. Moreover, this place is also known as “Heaven on Earth”.

fairy meadows
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3. Satpara Lake

The natural and breathtaking lake near Skardu, Giglit Baltistan is none other than Satpara Lake. The stunning blue shore will make your mood so lovely whenever you visit there. You will be pleased to know that people tend to visit there every year and this lake supplies fresh water to the whole Skardu valley.

Satpara Lake
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4. Gupis Valley

Gupis valley is famous for the natural attractions in Baltistan. The amazing color of water and the mind blowing sceneries are enough to refresh your life. The water of the valley is flowing by the side of the road and bordered by the fields to give you its charismatic look. The Gupis valley in Pakistan provides you the best views and it is definitely a great spot for photography with magnificent views.

gupis valley in pakistan
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5. Phandar Valley

It is located 61 kilometers away from the beautiful valley of Gupis, in Gilgit Baltistan. The wonderful roads with the view of passing green fields and lush forests in the presence of the river and snowy peaks are what everyone wants to see once in the life. Phandar valley is one the most breathtaking and stunning valleys in Pakistan.

Phandar Valley in Gilgit Baltistan
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6. Bagrote Valley

The Bagrote valley is one of the beautiful places to visit in Gilgit Baltistan this year. It is surrounded by the giant and snow capped mountains, forests, lakes and glaciers. Most tourists visit this valley in summer season to fully enjoy the weather and striking views. The valley is about half an hour away from Gilgit city and we should say that this a must see valley this year.

beautiful bagrote valley
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7. Hushe Valley

Tourism in Gilgit Baltistan is growing day by day and people tend to explore the whole Pakistan in all seasons. Hushe valley is one of those famous places, where people visit every year. It is present in Ghanche district of Gilgit Baltistan and very famous for its striking and highest mountains. This valley runs from Masherbrum mountain and is one of the most beautiful valleys of Pakistan. The Charkusa valley in Hushe is the most famous one for trekking and granite towers in the Hushe valley is the only reason why people called this a paradise for mountaineers.

view of hushey valley
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There’s no place like Gilgit Baltistan in Pakistan. The very beautiful and spectacular region of Pakistan in every sense. It has amazing geography and breathtaking scenic beauty. Gilgit Baltistan is surrounded by the highest number of mountains like Karakoram, Himalaya and Hindu-Kush point. You can say that this region is a home to beautiful valleys, amazing waterfalls, rare flora and fauna and eye-catching lakes. The region has a rich history of political and military rivalries amongst Russian, British and Chinese empires. After the end of the British rule in sub-continent in 1947, the people of this region decided to join Pakistan.

Other than the enthralling landscapes this region has, the simplicity and harmony of the people living in the province will make you feel like a home. Our country is full of spectacular places and the people from all over the world come to visit these beautiful places every year. So are you ready for travelling?