Maybe there is this guy you have met a couple of times and like his charm. After a couple of chats here and there, you are pretty sure that he is the man you have dreamed about all along. However, there is one thing you are not quite sure about. Does he have a girlfriend or not. Well, there is nothing to worry about because there are many ways of learning this.

The main reason to find out is to avoid falling in love with a person who is in another relationship. Of course, your quest for love should not lead to such heartbreak. Therefore, it is time to find out more. Here are the clues to look for.

Social Media Has Some Answers

We are living in a world of technology. It is not a surprise that most, if not all, the answers people seek in life are there. First, peruse through his social media pages if you happen to know them. Facebook, Instagram or any other social media page will tell you if there is anyone who is close to him. It is up to you to find the right accounts without letting him know that you have an interest.

Pay Attention During Your Communication

There is a possibility of someone dropping clues during communication that he is in a relationship with someone. This is why you should listen to him closely. Avoid asking direct questions because it might sound weird. However, you can try and push your communication towards that direction in a smart way if you have now been friends for a while.

Read His Online Dating Website Profile Thoroughly

Have you met on an online dating platform like the Happymatches website? Well, it is time to look at his profile carefully. It will tell a lot about this guy. Some people come here looking for casual relationships even when they have serious relationships elsewhere. If this is what he is looking for, this is a red flag that there is someone else involved.

Watch His Reactions When You Are Together

Many guys who are in another relationship do not make romantic advances. They also may resist being touched easily. If he is behaving this way, there is a significant likelihood that he is involved with someone else. However, this is not enough to make a conclusion because some guys are naturally shy. You have to dig deeper using other clues that we have discussed.

Befriend His Friends

If you have now known each other for a while, it is time to learn the truth from his friends. It is not recommended to ask his friends directly, but you can be smart enough to gather the information. In most cases, they will tell you all that you need to know.

Such an answer will help you to make the right choices that will not hurt you. With all the above clues, you will have the true answer about whether he is involved with someone else or not.