A few days ago, Sahir Lodhi made himself famous by misplacing his anger on a lady over Quaid-e-Azam remarks. He interrupted a participant during speech and raised many questions over nothing. Although, he tried his best to defend his stand with an apology, but people are not ready to forgive him for what he did. The girl bashed by Sahir Lodhi unnecessarily, breaks her silence with the video and also went on to complete her poem.

girl bashed by sahir lodhi

Saba Rizwan has a message on her Facebook profile

As everybody is with Saba and supporting her, so she saw the opportunity to defend herself in order to tell everyone what she was trying to say on Sahir Lodhi’s Ramzan Transmission.

Check her Facebook video.

Saba was there to convey her poem on respect and equality of women in our society, but Sahir Lodhi got angry and asked the audience to stop clapping and laughing. Because he was ready to give everyone a very important lecture on something which didn’t happen.

Well, Saba cleared everyone that she is boycotting Sahir Lodhi’s show. She said,

“I am boycotting Sahir Lodhi’s show. If a voice can be suppressed once, it can be suppressed yet again in the very show.”

“I’m not boycotting debating for it is my passion. I will not stop, this is where I start,” she concluded.

The girl bashed by Sahir Lodhi really makes a lot of sense through her amazing words and poem which she delivered through Facebook’s video. She completely fired Sahir’s claims and was grateful for everyone who supported her.

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