Are you frightened to stay at home alone? Not everyone because there are Guys Weird Things available which you can do from day to night. They can do whatever they want when they are alone. Yes, I am talking about guys who loves to do nasty things by knowing that this time would never come again.

Here is the list of what we do when there is nobody around us. Have a look at these 12 weird things guys love to do when home alone.

1. By knowing that they are alone, they will first pretend what they are actually feeling right at the moment.

joyful moments of guys

2. Loves to watch the T.V in loud volume because there will be no fear of anyone sleeping, studying or getting disturbed.

guys favorite hobby

3. Guys Weird Things – To spread house stuffs everywhere because no one will scold them.

Guys Weird Things

4. The ultimate bathroom singers who will sing in their awkward voice.

guys as bathroom singers

5. The one who likes to use the toilet with the door open by not fearing that anyone is looking.

weird guys stuffs

6. Loves to try every clothe from the closet.

guys home alone

7. Smoking with full freedom.

smoking guy

8. The music will be too loud that your neighbor could get disturb.

desi guys stuffs

9. The good time to call your girlfriends when nobody is around you.

guys love to stay home alone

10. Will stay naked or in the boxers with full independence.

boys stuffs

11. Take strange pictures that nobody wants to watch.

weird guys stuffs

12. Will appear as a chef or eat everything he could see in his fridge.

guy as chef