Hamza Ali Abbasi, the controversial yet amazing actor has been too much famous for his remarks and statements. He has also blown up media every time he noticed some unusual stuff related to Pakistan. The activist has a strong opinion on almost everything that puts him in controversy and this time Hamza Ali Abbasi remark on item numbers in Pakistan made him criticized by the common people.

hamza ali tweet
Source: thenews.com.pk

Hamza took to social media to voice his opinions and wrote. He said,

“Its heart-breaking and disappointing to see some brilliant Pakistani film-makers still using ITEM NUMBERS to sell their films. How can the censor board allow such filth to run in cinemas and how can PEMRA allow this to be run on channels Pakistani artists finally managed to get enough respect in the society that now young educated boys and girls from good families are coming into this field, please don’t spoil this hard earned respect by putting on a flesh show and calling it glamour!”

Moreover, he talked about women’s empowerment and rights.

hamza ali abbasi remark on item numbers in pakistan

Just after Hamza’s tweet, people started bashing him for his role in one of the Pakistan’s blockbusters, Jawani Phir Nahi Aani.

JPNA hero hamza ali abbasi

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